April Fool!

A rude awakening at 05:25 by Princess barking at something outside the compound. Probably some creature in the long grass or perhaps she just wanted to bark for no reason. I was awake so didn’t bother going back to sleep for only another twenty minutes or so.

Princess was attached to a tree when I went running and on a lead for the remainder of the time. Obi blotted his copybook by absconding during the time I was running, ending up in the camping. He was easily retrieved when I was at the washing machine with Janne who had failed to do his wash before leaving last time. Apparently, he is master of his own laundry.

Obi gave himself up but that did not prevent him being sentenced to a day with the riff-raff in the SDC. He has just been released and has chosen to remain outside under the awning on the dog bed out there. Sackcloth and ashes maybe.

I went to Paleochora and bought a cucumber, some dried fruit and nuts, then returned to Grammeno. I was a little later than usual because I needed to start a backup on Inter Sport’s server as I planned to transfer data from the old to the new server and knew it would be a long time.

I spent the majority of the day working on the machines at Inter Sport so we have moved one stage further to migrating everything to the new server. The next items on the list will be to move the EPOS system over and finally the users. Or something like that. Anyway, hopefully, they will all be able to work tomorrow morning when they come in. Or my phone will ring a lot!

The German family with the small children left today and were replaced by a couple with an even younger family: their baby will be born in September. They have a small tent which they chose to pitch on almost the exact location as the previous German couple.

The Albanians have been celebrating Easter with some friends so we were lucky to enjoy some jolly Albanian music as they munched their BBQ near to the kitchen. Another group, those in the small cabins where all the noise was the other night, were told by one of the other Albanians that they had to leave on Monday. Apparently, he told them that Georgia had called him to relay the message on her behalf. Having been told off by me the other night, this was quite a plausible story. The young Albanian who speaks English collared me as I was walking past, to ask if I’d call Georgia to ask if it was true. I pointed out it was April 1st and said I had heard nothing about anyone being told to go. I finally agreed to call Maria who said she knew nothing about this either.

They were quite relieved when I went back and told them having chatted with Maria for several minutes. She has got some sort of cold so sounded a bit rough. Perhaps this will assist her in the present giving up smoking campaign.

Loads of people thronged the beach and the Promontory which is why I’m writing this at 21:45. The dogs have not been long in bed and the evening walk ended in darkness. Nothing unusual since it’s dark when we go out in the mornings.

I have some potatoes and lovely tomatoes with cucumber and whatever else comes to hand tonight. I checked out the beetroot but decided they’d seen better days.

Happy Orthodox Palm Sunday!


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