Late arrival

Watching the penultimate episode of season one of The Wire, an American cop drama centred around drug gangs in Baltimore. All the dogs started to bark so I went outside to admonish them and to see what was going on. Some of the Albanians had brought a couple who wanted to stay the night, to Janne and Erica’s side of the fence. The couple turned out to be French-speaking Swiss who had recently arrived on Crete. They didn’t mention why they were arriving after 23:00 but fortunately, I was still up.

I settled them in before going back to my gripping episode of The Wire. It was the alarm that woke me this morning as I was asleep after midnight for a change.

There was a chilly wind from the northwest so it was with reluctance that I removed my coat and scarf to run. I soon warmed up and completed my run. Obi and Princess were captives as I didn’t want either of them returning to the camping to make a fuss.

I bought potatoes from Paleochora as I liked them so much last night. I also bought some Lima beans which I intend to soak overnight if I remember. They are much better soaked overnight as they have time to expand making cooking easier. Beans now soaking…

After breakfast, I collected the fee from the Swiss couple and chatted to the Germans who said they felt it was a little chilly the previous night. They now have an extra blanket and I also offered them a bench and a table which they declined. Preferring to live picnic-style on the ground.

I ran out of printed forms for the reception a while ago so have been using a blank sheet and writing down the basics. I decided I’d like to create an electronic form which I can fill-in on my computer, phone or iPad. I made the form a close replica of the printed one, however, I expect Maria prefers to use paper. The computer in the office is worse than useless although there was talk of getting an up-to-date laptop for use in the office and elsewhere. If the talk has materialised into action, I’ll be surprised.

Xanthippos and Mikhalis have been working hard in the camping and Lau has packed up his area as he intends going back to Holland. He said his eye operations are booked for May but he feels his sight is deteriorating which is why he is going back. I have a feeling he might not be coming back to Grammeno next season. He has lots of friends in and around Paleochora and may find Grammeno a bit far out of town.

The day was sunny and warm with a top temperature of 23.6C making this the warmest day of the year so far.

The evening walk was a little disappointing due to three tourists who decided to visit the Promontory at the same time as us. I had four dogs on the lead as a consequence. Princess has not been able to have a good run for a couple of days.

No phone calls were received from Inter Sport, however, there was mostly shopfloor staff in today because of the holiday so there will probably be more telephone action tomorrow.

My potatoes are nearly ready so I’m going to enjoy some more of Xanthippos’ lovely tomatoes and watch the final episode of the first season of The Wire.


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