Steven Bochco RIP

Steven Bochco, the creator of Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blues and LA Law, died on 1 April aged 74. Bochco was responsible for introducing more realism into TV drama and his influence can be seen in The Wire, which I am presently watching. He tried to convey the mix of police work together with the politics behind the scenes as well as provide a view not only from the aspect of the police. The Wire takes this further by giving insight into the lives of the police officers as well as the perpetrators, hopefully with a reasonably balanced view of both sides. The closing episode of The Wire, which I watched last night, provided a realistic view of what can be achieved once all interests have been served.

The night was a bit chilly with a low of 9.5C. The German couple expecting the baby was glad of the extra blanket I brought them yesterday afternoon. The blanket is now back in its rightful location.

There was a beautiful sky as we walked across the field towards the beach this morning. I have no idea whether there are any sheep still in the field however Easter approaches. The Cretan version of Thanksgiving in USA. Anything which goes “baaa” is on a sticky wicket.

We walked and did all the usual things. Obi and Princess are still not allowed to roam free so spent their time playing nicely together whilst I ran. I completed my 5km in a reasonable time and we returned to base.

My trip to Paleochora involved a couple of important purchases for this evening’s supper as well as ordering another batch of dog food which arrived early this afternoon. The delivery guy knows the procedure and puts it in the right place for me.

I returned for breakfast and then a quick visit to see Sascha and his friend from Germany who, together with his daughter, Marie, travelled from Germany by car. They took the ferry from Venice to Patras as I used to do. I’d rather a longer ferry ride and less driving. They were in a Mitsubishi 4×4 which they will leave here for the next two years to save money on car rentals. The friend is staying in Ξ2, the preferred cabin of Ursula and Tony.

A couple came in the morning to look at the camping and say they will come to stay tomorrow. They have been in a camping on the north coast having been lead to believe there are no campings open over here. Considering both Paleochora camping and Grammeno are open all year round, I am suspicious.

I have done some support work today for Janne and Sue at Inter Sport. Her computer was inaccessible on Sunday so I was unable to make the required configuration changes following the data relocation.

Today was almost as warm as yesterday with a high of 23.4C. At least the school children are having good weather for their holidays as well as foreign visitors such as the family in the largest villa next door. They are not the first of the season as a young couple were there a couple of weeks back.

I put together my gigantes recipe for this evening and left it plopping away whilst I walked the dogs. It’s resting at present but about to get eaten!

The evening walk was marred by the presence of several people meaning that only Charlie, Fido and Boris were free to do their thing.


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