Xanthippos feels unappreciated

Xanthippos was telling me, and anyone else who cared to listen, that he feels unappreciated, especially as far as Georgia is concerned. He has worked very hard, together with Mikhalis, to make the camping look good. Several customers have told me how tidy the camping is looking, however, Xanthippos feels that Georgia is unappreciative of his efforts. I have already given Xanthippos and Mikhalis a plug when talking to her so will point out how impressed the customers have been.

The French family, who came to stay for one or two nights, six nights ago, left today as they have only two more nights before they fly home on Friday. They wish to visit Omalos again as well as some other locations on the north coast. I collected their money and reclaimed the various items I’d lent them. Particularly, an electric hob, kettle, saucepan and a broom. You might think these items would be supplied by the camping… They came to see the dogs before leaving and we had a photo opportunity as well. Even though they are French, they live in Berlin and he was born in Cheltenham so is as English as me.

Another couple arrived this morning. They had visited the camping yesterday to check it out and told me they would arrive around midday. They were eating their breakfast when Xanthippos pointed them out to me. An easy job as far as I was concerned as they paid up-front so no trip to the office with ID and the like. Job done!

I had help this evening with the dogs as both Marie and her father’s friend turned up to help walk them. We even went over the rocks and Boris survived the ordeal.

It has been another sunny day with a high of 22.8C. Only [Good] Friday is looking a little bit dodgy with a 50% possibility of rain in the late afternoon.

We spoke briefly to the English family staying in the largest of the Cedar Bay Villas next door. They have a pool right outside the villa but have also been bathing in the sea. They were cavorting about in the sea as we walked the dogs across the beach after the walk. They agreed that the sea is still quite chilly. Far too chilly for me even to contemplate the merest possibility of considering going in.

My Lima/Gigantes beans yesterday were very nice. I made a big batch of them so will be having them again this evening. Despite any ideas you might have, it is still very calm outside. The cups of the anemometer were motionless when I last looked.




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