Easter is nearly here

Some Austrian friends arrived this evening. The sound of barking alerted me to some intruders on the camping so I went down to investigate. There I found my friends who’d emailed a week ago to say they would be coming to the camping at Easter. This time they are driving a large 4×4 car but I don’t think they own it, just rent it for the weekend. They spend so much time away in Austria or Italy, there is probably no point in owning and paying for a car. They said previously they will probably move to Vienna from Iraklion eventually anyway. They are staying on the camping until Tuesday so there will be plenty of time to catch up.

Another arrival today was a young Romanian who was at the camping in October 2014. He left Romania the day before yesterday and spent the night in Chania. He is stopping at the camping for only one night as he plans to go to Gavdos. He has travelled in Europe quite extensively and speaks very good English. He prefers to sleep under the stars so has set himself up with a lounger near to the beach.  I suggested that, if he feels like a walk tomorrow morning, he could wander up the Promontory as he says he is used to dogs and not afraid of them.

I seem to have been moving around quite a lot today although I don’t feel I’ve achieved very much. I was wandering around the camping after customers earlier and I’ve also completed my annual task of cleaning the ice-making machine. It churns out ice for the bar and elsewhere. I appear to be in charge of its welfare as it seems to be me who switches it on at the beginning of the season and off again at the end. No one else seems to be able to dismantle it, clean it and reassemble it correctly. It takes less than an hour so is not too much of a chore.

No customers left today and Litsa and Manolis arrived so we have made up for yesterday’s loss of the French family. I expect more arrivals tomorrow ready for the holiday weekend but don’t expect to be overrun.

Mikhalis told me he is having four days holiday starting this afternoon. Xanthippos was here early this morning but left early too.

The weather has been warm and sunny with a high of 24.2C making it the hottest day of the year so far. I spent a while trying to sort out Janne’s wireless printer. After a lot of messing around, we managed to get it to accept print jobs from IOS devices but it’s not interested in his Windows laptop, the main computer.

We are hoping that Houmas will be open tomorrow as we are going out for a meal at the end of the afternoon. This will enable us to be back in time for me to walk the dogs at the usual time. I’ve warned my assistant, Marie, that I will not be around until about that time.

This evening’s culinary delight is potatoes with broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber and olives. The potatoes and broccoli are on the stove right now.

Why do I keep thinking today is Friday?


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