Mickey returns

Since the beginning of January, when Georgia came back from spending New Year in Athens, Mickey has been living in Chania. He returned today, much to the delight of Πέντε who has been missing him. She is doubly pleased because Lau started his journey back to Holland the day before yesterday meaning no more sausages in the mornings and evenings. She used to accompany Lau on his regular walks, sometimes living dangerously and leaving the camping.

It was very soon following Mickey’s arrival that he made it known that he was back in town and ready to take his proper position in society. Lots of barking and plenty of bushes and trees to wee on to resume his status as ‘owner’ of the camping. I have also to report that he has gained some weight possibly due to being in the house a lot and not going on too many walks. Georgia has been incapacitated with a leg problem and I wouldn’t class her as a devotee of exercise under optimal conditions.

The usual morning activities preceded my ride to Paleochora. Despite Petrakis being open, I rode there and back without visiting as I needed nothing. I didn’t really get my act together when I got back so breakfast became brunch when I got sidetracked into other activities. Gardening with Janne and Internet searches amongst other things.

There was also a series of support calls so the morning dissolved before me. I knew we were going out for a meal at 16:30. I’d already visited Houmas to see if it would be open. Nikos, who was sweeping outside, told me they’d be opening Monday as he had a lot of work to do before then. We went, instead to Methexis restaurant in Paleochora. Janne and Erica are regulars there so were welcomed by the proprietor like old friends. We had a very enjoyable meal in pleasant surroundings with an interesting view of the port and the mountains. I would certainly go there again. I have stuffed pepper and stuffed tomato which was nicely presented and very tasty. Janne and Erica are vegetarian so got involved in tzatziki and something to do with courgettes and cheesy sauce. We also had a Greek salad and some chips.

We arrived back at the camping around 18:45 in time for me to take out the dogs before dark. Marie and family were out, so I went on my own. She returns to Germany on Sunday morning as she has school on Monday with her aural test on Tuesday. We have been practising her English ready for the exam.

Returning from the walk, I spotted a white rental car parked on one of the pitches near to the beach. I fed the dogs and put them to bed before going to see the new arrivals. The couple who left to explore other parts of the island came from the north coast back to Grammeno. There will be thunderstorms tomorrow with rain on Sunday. So they preferred to chance Grammeno. This is hardly the weather John Baldock wants during his holiday from Inter Sport. He phoned me up today on a support matter and enquired of the weather forecast at the same time. He was a little disappointed to have similar weather to the UK, however, the forecast looks more promising during the week.

I hear the patter of raindrops upon the roof. Those black clouds have produced some rain after all!



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