Mixed up weather

During the night there was 3.3mm of rain around 01:00.

It started to rain again as I was about to get out of bed so I stayed there. The rain continued for about 30 minutes and then I got up to take the dogs. Everything was nicely wet outside.

The walk was dry which is more than I can say for my cycle to Paleochora which became decidedly damp as I approached the centre of the thriving metropolis (sounds a bit like a similar Greek word. They must have borrowed it from English). I arrived soggy so didn’t hang around very long. I didn’t need anything so waited for the rain to subside before making my way back. About 2.5km into my journey, I noticed that the road was no longer so wet and Sascha confirmed that it hadn’t rained at Grammeno. Isolated showers at their best. I reckon Paleochora gets significantly more rain than Grammeno.

I chatted a while with Sascha and proposed I bring his car back from the airport next Saturday when he leaves. He agreed that would save him a rental car and suggested I use the car whenever I need to which is very generous of him.

I made some breakfast as time was passing and I was mindful of my 12:00 call home. Georgia and Manolis came to see Erica and Janne bringing Mickey and Πέντε along too. Unsurprisingly this caused a certain amount of chaos to the dogs which required my intervention. A motorhome containing a UK family arrived so I needed to go to see them before continuing my conversation.

They have rented a Greek motorhome and are touring Crete. They also wished to use the washing machine.

I resumed my call before going to take their money and put in the washing. Just as I was at the office, a VW camper arrived with another British couple who had called a couple of days previously to inquire whether the camping would be open at Easter. We toured the camping and they said they’d stay one or two nights.

By this time I needed to spend some time with my friends from Iraklion who announced that they are leaving Crete for Vienna in September. They plan to downsize their apartment so they still have a pied à terre on Crete. Whilst we were chatting, their little girl was playing with the youngest child of the British couple in the motorhome.

Today’s strange weather consists of showers as well as rain blown over from the clouds over the mountains. Lovely rainbows ensue as the sky is clear to the south allowing the sun to bounce off the water droplets.

It was soon time to walk the dogs so I got them together and took them out. They are normally more scatty when it’s windy and it was up to force 6 by that time. Princess excelled in racing around barking wildly but came back as we went over the rocks. Boris did quite well but was quick to take to his bed once he’d been fed as I think he finds the rocks quite demanding now.

Princess disappeared to carry out some more, important barking which enticed the others to join her. All but Obi and Princess returned to the meeting location although Princes was voluntarily reacquired in the car park. Obi, however, was to be found saying goodbye to Steffie and Marie when I went looking for him. Sascha is taking them to the airport early tomorrow morning at about the same time as Janne and Erica leave. The latter are all packed up and ready to go, leaving only the last little bits to complete.

I’d left the water heater on so went for a nice, hot shower once I’d fed the dogs and put them to bed.

It is still quite windy although it should moderate before a repeat performance tomorrow.

My broccoli, potatoes and peas are ready so I need to prepare some tomatoes to go with them.



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