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Easter Day was sunny and warm: the hottest day of the year so far with a high of 25.2C. It started slightly earlier than usual as Janne and Erica were packing up the final bits and pieces before departure. We said goodbye and I want out to walk the dogs. The walk was uneventful as was my trip to Paleochora to give the PAWS puppies a quick visit. There were a couple of new ones and others have been taken away in preparation for rehoming in Germany.

Back at the camping, there was plenty of activity preparing the Easter Lamb for the main event of the day. The lamb was rotating merrily on the spit as I passed. Not such a pretty sight.

I got some breakfast before wandering around the campers collecting their money. The English couple and the English family who were staying only one night are staying on.

I decided to cook up some Lima beans as I was unsure who was invited to the Easter Meal. Last year there were a number of vegetarians who felt a little overwhelmed by the lack of alternatives. This year there was only me and Martha, Georgia’s mother had prepared me a special dish of green beans and potatoes. There were also salads on the table so my beans were untouched.

I was sitting next to Sigi so we had a good chat having not spoken much since the previous year. She was there with their son Simon and her husband Manolis. We discussed a number of things including the Maria situation.

Later I spoke to their son who was reading Harry Potter in Greek. He said he’d prefer it in English or German as he speaks both languages equally well. We chatted in English about dogs amongst other things.

When most people left, I had an enlightening conversation with Georgia. Apparently, the piece of land next to the camping of now off the menu and she decided it would have been too much money and stress anyway. I felt it better to maximise the existing and keep things manageable. The static vans are not now going to be replaced but given a facelift. The wood destined for the new chalets is going to be used to make larger Small Cabins as these are cheaper and easier and provide a better return. Only two of these will be constructed for the current season and the others for next summer.

I’ve been pushing for a room where people can get together in the evenings, eat their food and be warm. We discussed this too. She tells me Mikhalis will not be working the summer although he will be doing some construction work for a couple of the larger cabins. She is planning on engaging one or two of the Albanians who speak some English.

I pushed the upgrade to the kitchen, however, Georgia is looking at extending it. I’d favour upgrading the existing as I feel this is more likely to actually take place and could be achieved relatively cheaply. I would prefer quicker, less elaborate solutions which stand a chance of being implemented.

Our group consisted of Georgia’s family and friends but there was another, competing, more boisterous gathering at Manolis and Litsa. They had been dealing with the sheep since early morning so were very relaxed by this time. I suggested they might be a little too noisy and I suspect a discrete phone call was made later. I wandered up the camping to chat with the English couple who seemed to be enjoying the floor show.

I prepared the dogs for their walk and was accosted by the English lady whose mother lives in Brighton. She was asking about going to the airport as her mother had been taken ill. I promised to look into it when I got back.

Our walk was pleasant as everyone had gone home. We got back just as it was getting dark so I fed the dogs and put them to bed.

The end of quite a relaxing day.


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