Everyone out!

Obi joined us as we passed through the gate from the field to the stony beach. Where he was all night I have little idea although I have a report from the German couple that he was trying to snuggle up to them when she came back from a trip to the loo in the night. One of the disadvantages of pregnancy and somewhat inconvenient when one has to walk 20m to the loo in the night. I had tried to reacquire him at around 23:00 touring the camping hoping he would appear. Not for his benefit, more to ensure that he didn’t bark the camping down in the night. As it was, he remained quiet and unobtrusive. Πέντε luxuriated on her own on the rear bench seat.

The walk was uneventful, mild and wind-free. I ran in t-shirt and shorts and didn’t feel at all cold. My trip to Paleochora was equally uneventful and I bought some fruit for breakfast, flax seeds and chia.

The German couple passed me as I returned on my bike with lots of waving and flashing of headlights. The British family with the motorhome which came for one night and stayed three also departed for a stay at Elafonissi.

Xanthippos has been continuing his task of cleaning the camping of rubbish and stones. He was telling me how unhappy he was feeling about how much work he was expected to do in so little time, pay and lack of appreciation. I’m sure Georgia will sort him out once she arrives later in the week.

Mikhalis started cladding the static vans with softwood T&G boarding. The plan is to give them a bit of a facelift as Georgia has now decided to not build replacement wooden chalets. The statics are somewhat jaded inside and definitely do not live up to the description of  ‘luxury’ accommodation. However, they do the job of providing a warm, dry environment and the rain doesn’t come in.

A young couple came to the camping to enquire after somewhere to stay. They wanted a price for one night in a small cabin, then a tent hire followed by one of the statics. They went away to ‘think about it’ returning to ask how much it would cost if they slept in their car just using the showers, toilets and WiFi. They decided that 11€ was too much so I suggested they might try Paleochora Camping which might be more in their price range. They were from the Ukraine of all places!

The only customers remaining, other than the ubiquitous Albanians, are my friends from Iraklion who will be leaving tomorrow as they have to go back to work on Thursday. Ingo has to be up at 04:00 on Thursday to fly back to Vienna so that he can be at work by 11:00. He can make up the time the following days he explained.

I have spent most of the day fiddling around with calendars for recording booking for the vans and small cabins. Georgia is trying to get Maria to move from her various sheets of paper, pencil and rubber system.

The evening walk is complete and all the dogs are now in bed. Obi has elected to sleep on the big bed under the awning and Πέντε is somewhere outside. My Lima bean and tomato creation for Easter Sunday is reheating on the hob whilst the remainder of it was frozen yesterday morning.

I’m going to watch something on the Box whilst my food heats up.



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