I have managed not to have to build a database during my IT career but now the time has probably come to learn to make one. I have been looking into it today and it’s complicated however I should really get my head around it. This new EU legislation called GDPR means that companies have to take control of customers’ data to make sure it’s not passed on to others or stolen. I feel it’s, therefore, time to learn the art of making a database.

It was very overcast when I looked at the sky from my bed this morning, however, cold or windy it wasn’t. I didn’t take a coat, just shorts, a T-shirt and a rather ragged fleece. The dogs don’t seem to mind how ragged my fleece is.

It was still calm when I rode to Paleochora for a quick spin around Petrakis to buy potatoes and spinach. This evening’s delight is tomatoes, olives, potatoes and spinach. The potatoes are in the pot on the hob hopefully cooking and the spinach will steam over them once they get cracking. I’m not planning to cook the tomatoes or olives.

I got back in good time to get the money from my friends from Iraklion who’d told me they’d be off around 09:00. When I saw no sign of life at 08:20 I guessed the threat of 09:00 was an empty one. As it turned out, they left nearer to 11:00. Their car was filled right up with stuff even though it is a very big car. In fact, it’s a pickup with a hard top on it, so quite massive. They may come back to Grammeno before leaving for their eighteen-month stay in Vienna: depending on how well they get on with moving house. Their move to Vienna is at the beginning of September. Ingo works for the UN which has a significant location there.

With their departure, only Sascha and his friend remain, as well as the Albanians. The former leave on Saturday morning and I will be bringing the car back from the airport.

It has not been a very demanding day although I have been fiddling around with server backups and other sundry networking things left outstanding rather longer than I would have hoped.

The weather has been disappointingly overcast today despite attempts by the sun to put in an appearance on several occasions. The maximum temperature is 21C and it’s still 19.2C at 20:48. I have only just shut the van door, mostly to shut out the flapping of tent from the wind which sprang up as I was talking to Ursula earlier. We chatted for an hour or so until I was interrupted by one of the Albanians wanting hot water for the showers. As it was overcast, I’d put it on earlier with the intention of doing so again later. Unfortunately, I forgot.

There have not been many sightings of Xanthippos today although I’ve seen him around. He’s still removing pebbles from the paths and raking up all the debris from the winter. The site looks good although more pebbles will appear as the sand and earth gets eroded away either by water, wind or footfall. Mikhalis has been continuing with the external cladding of T3, the largest of the static vans.

The evening walk was windy and I needed my coat. Only a couple of people were about: a guy taking a pee in the bushes and a local woman who often goes for a walk along the beach at about that time.

My potatoes are coming along and I’ve put on the spinach to steam. The steamer is almost full of spinach but it will go down to almost nothing when it’s cooked.




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