Yesterday we were empty. Today we have three motorhomes. One is a Frenchman and his who is carrying out research for a group holiday next May. He reckons there will be around 35 people with 15 vans. He wants his group to go to the Samaria Gorge and for the camping to take control of the transportation of his group to the gorge, the ferry back and transportation from Paleochora to the camping. I have sent all this information to Maria so that she can organise a price.

Just as I was sorting out M Deslandes and his beloved, two Austrian motorhomes arrived with three people. They plan to stay for a couple of days so have made themselves comfortable by the sliding gates onto the beach. There is still room for me to get by with the dogs and to come back in tomorrow morning. The lady was telling me they converted a long wheelbase van into their camper doing all the work themselves.

Boris decided to get lost on the evening walk so I had to take the others back before going back to find him. As it turned out, he was making his way back and had locked-on to a Greek couple who were on the big beach.

Sascha has got himself a beautiful dog from a friend in Azogires. I found him in the pet section of Petrakis when I was there this morning. She will be flying back with them early Saturday morning. I will have to warn him of the procedure for checking-in a dog.

Following my visit to Petrakis, I went to the post office to pick up a couple of parcels. A desoldering station I ordered from China and a new SS hard drive for the older MacBook. The mechanical drive failed a couple of weeks ago so I decided to get an SSD as they are less prone to problems especially as laptops are more likely to receive shocks. The desoldering station is a cunning device which blows hot air for desoldering and can also be used to heat up the glue used to stick togther modern equipment such as iPads and the like. I will be repairing the iPad 3 with the broken screen so need this to remove the adhesive. Modern electrical circuits use SMD (Surface-Mount Devices) which cannot be soldered easily using a traditional soldering technique. The hot air method can be directed under the components whilst using a previously applied special solder paste which melts at a lower temperature.

This morning I cleaned the fridge during a moment of weakness. It is now quite a pleasant experience when opening the door!

Much of the day was taken up with installing the new hard disk  for the MacBook and reloading the operating system and software. I only had a few support calls.

Georgia was in the camping with Dimitris inspecting Mikhalis’ work on T3. He has finished off the front and sides and treated the wood with a medium stain. The effect is quite pleasing however I feel the inside now needs an upgrade to match the exterior.

The day has been quite warm with a top temperature of 24.8C so not the hottest day of the year as that was 25.2C on 8 April. It has been mild all day and I was tempted to discard my shirt whilst running this morning.

The weather is definitely becoming summery by the day so soon I shall be packing up all my winter wear and digging out the summer stuff.

Only a couple of weeks and Tony, Ursula and Heidi will be setting off on their journey to Crete via France. They will be staying in Ξ2 which is the same as they had last autumn.

I bought some beetroot this morning and was preparing them as I got dragged off to look after customers. They may have been a little overcooked as a result as I left the gas on full.

The remaining potatoes from yesterday are reheating and I expect there will be some tomatoes in there somewhere too.

I’d better attend to my food.


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