Faster Internet at last!

We now have faster Internet in the camping. Georgia signed up for 50Mbps Internet which is currently the fastest available here in Kountoura. It’s certainly a great improvement of 3-4Mbps we had previously. The nice Cosmote man came to check out the router and kindly reset it to factory default. Fine under domestic conditions but I’d made a number of changes to the default settings so needed to restore it from a backup I’d made. It usually takes a few days for the service to settle down so we won’t know the full speed until then.

I’m leaving for the airport in Chania at 06:00 tomorrow with Sacha, his friend and dog so should be back here by 09:00. I’ll walk the dogs early and then put them back in their houses until I return to feed them. I will be able to make my weekly call at the usual time.

I walked the site with Georgia to finalise the location of the cameras. I just have to actually get up there and set them up. I need to change the ethernet cable from the office to the kitchen which I can do now that I know where all the cameras will be located.

Xanthippos has been working in the vicinity today and I have been out and about a bit. He tells me Luis has been barking at him when he was working close to the fence. As I was not here to stop Luis barking, Xanthippos tried some trusted techniques. He was also suggesting ways of dealing with Luis’ barking proclivity, some involving the sea together with a long swim. I pointed out that Luis is not big into going out very far but does enjoy a paddle from time-to-time. I’m not sure that this was what Xanthippos has in mind.

The high so far today is 26.9C making it the hottest day of the year.

Click on any picture to see it larger in an album.

The pictures above show T3 as work has progressed with the cladding. The right-hand image was taken today showing the wood having been stained darker. There will also be a wooden decking at the front of each of the vans.

Our new, faster Internet allows me to upload any pictures I like to the blog. I’ve been struggling to upload images for a long time.

Some more customers just arrived. A German couple walking the E4 path from Elafonissi. They have taken Ξ2 (Ursula and Tony’s cabin) for one night. The female part of the duo is suffering from foot pain so I offered her some ice from the machine. It’s been churning out ice cubes for over a week and could probably be turned off.

The dogs had a good evening walk and are now in bed. I have some fava on the hob together with an onion and some garlic. It smells quite nice so I’m going to be daring and actually eat some!


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