Boris goes swimming and so do I

The morning walk was at 05:00 as I had to be ready to leave at 06:00 to bring Sasha’s car back from the airport.

We left on time and enjoyed a gentile drive through the mountains. Poor Zora had the aeroplane to look forward to so no need to be throwing up in the first ten minutes of the journey.

We arrived at the airport in good time. I took Zora for a little exploration of the car park whilst Sascha unloaded their stuff. Together we assembled the dog crate at which point I departed for Grammeno.

I was back at the camping by 09:45 following an equally gentile drive back through the mountains. A customer wanted to leave so I needed to be back before then. He did not come to see me until 11:45 and even then, we were unable to make the card reader work due to some problem with the phones. I will sort it out tomorrow. I ended up taking the couple to Paleochora to the ATM together with their luggage. They planned to stay a couple of days there.

I had my weekly phone call with a break in the middle to go to Paleochora.

My lack of running and cycling left me with a huge gap in my exercise rings. I decided to do something about it starting with a visit to the sea. It was not as cold as I thought it might be so I spent about 15 minutes in the water and then a few lying on the sand. Next, I cycled to Paleochora against an easterly wind. There, I lay on the parapet wall by the beach and fell asleep in the sun before mounting my steed to return to Grammeno. The two fifteen minute cycle workouts, together with the swimming, helped but more was needed. I decided to take Boris on a separate walk involving me going back into the sea on a couple of occasions to retrieve the ball.

It was now nearly 19:00 so time to take the others. We were able to go over the rocks which enabled me to almost complete my daily goal. The notification came as I was feeding the dogs.

They are all now in bed so I have adjourned inside and will shortly have something to eat. I shall watch the Box and most likely fall asleep.

I later discovered that Sascha’s fight to Athen was cancelled so they were put up in a hotel in Chania to wait for a flight at 06:35 tomorrow morning. He was less than impressed. At least I didn’t have to go back to Chania to pick them all up!


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