Another Manic Monday

The alarm went off a little earlier this morning but I was awake anyway. Dawn is earlier on a clear day so it seems a good plan to be up to see it. Today, it was not a clear day, rather overcast and dismal but not cold. I was running without a T-shirt after the second lap.

I bought bananas in Petrakis and came straight back. They were not as green as I might have liked.

I wanted to move on with the camera installation so I decided to unpack and set up the NVR (Network Video Recorder) which allegedly can record from sixteen cameras at a time. I doubt it can record more than ten in practice.

The camera in the kitchen is now operational so Georgia can keep an eye on everyone there.

A lot of other activity is going on in the camping such as testing all the fire extinguishers and repressurising them. I understand the fire suppression system in the central kitchen is going to be repaired. It has not worked since I first came in 2011.

One of my next jobs is to change the main network cables and put a new one to Georgia’s house so that she has a decent Internet connection and can see the cameras on her gigantic TV. Apparently, her TV only works some of the day as the signal is too weak at other times. None of the TVs in the chalets are working so I went up on the roof of the storeroom to check out the aerial. The masthead amplifier is a little corroded and the cable has a split. I suspect it’s suffered the ravages of winter and conked out. The TVs in the reception area are working but they are on a separate antenna system.

A UK couple arrived. They are spending a night or maybe two in T1. He likes to photograph the night sky so they will only stay if it is clear. The summer is better for clear skies as it’s not too brilliant at the moment.

I’ve not really had a very satisfactory day as I have not achieved what I wanted and got bogged down with other things like customers, fire extinguishers and the NVR.

Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.


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