Where did Sunday go?

It’s 21:05 and I’m just starting to write this. I don’t know where the day has gone and why I have not completed any of the tasks I’d set myself.

After the early activities, I went to see the PAWS puppies as I didn’t really need anything from the supermarket. Mr Petrakis senior was sitting outside his store chatting to a friend as I rode past. We said good morning and I continued towards the port and the puppies. They were pleased to see me despite me not having any biscuits to offer them. There were a couple of new puppies which are quite young. It’s amazing how quickly the others are growing. There are some really nice dogs for someone.

I rode back to Grammeno and let out the dogs. Xanthippos came to tell me the Austrians were waiting outside the reception ready to pay. I went up to check them out.

Mikhalis was hard at work on T3 and has completed the cladding and also the decking.

It’s looking good. If only he’d staggered the board joints on the decking! Otherwise, it’s pretty good. Time will tell.

Xanthippos was busy too, continuing with is raking.

I spent time trying to sort out the telephones in the office but seemed to be getting nowhere. I then got bogged down with the WiFi as a consequence of an earlier power outage. Everything went offline due to the length of the outage and there were problems when it came back on. There was no power from about 05:45 for about four hours.

Just as I was about to get into the shower, a couple of ladies arrived on a scooter. They had themselves as well as a couple of enormous rucksacks. They live in Berlin but one is French and the other Italian but speaks French but not German. All very complicated. We had a bit of a chat and then they set up their tent.

Some more of the Albanians have left so now Ξ6 and Ξ5 are free. I know that a couple have gone back to Albania as they don’t have a valid work permit. Apparently, I understand Albanians no longer are required to have a visa to enter Greece but still require a permit to work legally. I’m sure there are plenty that work illegally.

Doggy walking time approached as the wind started to get up. It was somewhat blustery when we went out and I can hear the sound of the sea on the east beach. The door is still open, Πέντε is lying on the seat at my feet and Obi is outside. All the others are in their houses having stuffed down their meat and biscuits. I have some Fakes (lentils) on the stove. They should soon be ready and then I’ll cobble something together.

Another Sunday bites the dust!


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