Getting things done

No wind this morning but cooler than yesterday when the alarm sounded at 05:45. No barking in the night from Princess which was a bit of a bonus. Luis declined to join us on the morning walk then proceeded to make a fuss for having been left behind. He’s been a bit sluggish getting up and out of his house in the mornings recently. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s lazy or unwell. He can show a good turn of speed when the mood takes him.

We did all the usual things and returned to the camping minus Charlie who’d taken himself off somewhere. I fed them all, put them in their houses and went for a shower after all my running. The water was refreshingly not hot!

Off to Paleochora to pick up a parcel from the post office as well as some nuts and stuff from Petrakis.

All was quiet when I returned to the camping and Charlie appeared as I was taking Oskar back in. He resides in his cage whilst I’m out as he can get a little noisy if left with Charlie in the run. Charlie on his own is generally quiet.

I’d been meaning to order stuff for Tony and Ursula to bring over when they arrive at the beginning of May as well as a water ionizer for me to fit whilst I’m in UK. I sat down and ordered all the stuff as well as some things for the camping. I’ve not replaced all the UPS batteries since 2014 so have bought some of those too. With the pound so weak, it’s better to pay and buy from UK than from EU if I can pay in pounds. Some things are much more expensive in Greece for some reason.

The two French women decided to stay an extra night and to use the washing machine. Then a Polish couple arrived on foot wishing to stay one night with their own tent. Someone else will arrive tomorrow requiring a rental tent and Maria also tells me two women with three children will arrive for the weekend. Things seem to be picking up or even quite busy for the time of year.

The British couple in T1 decided to leave as it was windy making celestial photography out of the question. As it turns out, the wind dropped and it’s now calm.

I talked to Georgia about the insides of the chalets and we discussed the showers amongst other things. I shall revisit this again before long as I feel they need some updating and tidying up. All very well tarting up the outside but people sleep and sit within.

She seems determined to build even more small cabins but for four people. These are to be constructed next to T2/T3. She’s decided to move the caravans next to Janne and Erica’s caravan. I can see them being less than enthusiastic about that. We also discussed the TV situation and Xanthippos and I went up to the roof to check out the cable discovered to be rotten to the core. Xanthippos will replace it tomorrow. We are going to run a network cable to Georgia’s house from the end of the ladies toilets. We will need special cable for this as it runs with the electricity. It seems that my IT budget is quite elastic as she’d rather do it once and do it right. Not a very Greek trait.

My ordering continued followed by the evening walk. It was draughty and I needed a fleece. The door is still open at 21:33 but I’m going to close it now before I eat.



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