Unlike the most recent mornings, it was chilly so I wondered if perhaps I should have put on a fleece. The sky was clear so I was able to see by the time we got out onto the stony beach road by the kantina. Speaking of which, Georgia has just confirmed that Kostas, who ran the kantina, has died and his wife just offered her the business as she is selling up. Georgia says that perhaps she might take a few chairs and umbrellas but doesn’t need the stress of running another business. You may recall that Kostas was in the hospital in Chania when I was there in November 2016. He had a nasty cancer of the oesophagus which eventually took out his voice etc.

I rode to Paleochora and bought vegetables for this evening’s creation which I need to turn off as it has cooked. I also need to grapple hold of Πέντε still at large in the camping. She likes to lay in wait for hapless customers as they approach the toilets. I’ll be back…

No luck with Πέντε, she seems to have disappeared. I’ll get hold of her later when I go for my final wander.

My day has involved customers and IT support, but not all that much. I’ve also been working on the WiFi for the camping. I want to get some more cameras installed, especially at the reception so that I can see if anyone is there. Georgia mentioned again that she plans to acquire a huge TV screen for me to be able to monitor the entire camping during the winter. I shall not hold my breath…

The day has been warm and sunny with a high of 25.9C which is higher than average. Unlike yesterday, it was not windy and, in fact, quite still. The wind has shifted from the west to the south which is why it’s still 17.6C now. Tomorrow is forecast to be cooler and a little cloudy.

We put up a rental tent for a customer who said he’d arrive by bus around midday. I was then informed the arrival time was 15:00 later to learn he wasn’t coming. A German couple in a van appeared in the camping this afternoon, asked the price, then said they’d come back after they’d been shopping. I was not surprised when they didn’t return.

Unlike the nice English couple with a motorhome who arrived this morning. They only go back to UK when their van needs a new MOT and have spent the winter in Spain. I mentioned that Crete is quite nice in winter too. He is a year younger than me, information gained from his UK drivers’ license he gave for ID. They plan to stay a couple of days before continuing east, anti-clockwise around the island. They spent a few days in Elafonissi but say it was starting to get busier. A load of sun loungers was delivered so they decided it was time to go.

I supper beckons so I shall love you and leave you – as I’m sure the bishop said…


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