Late arrivals

As much as the person staying for three days didn’t arrive, the two women with their three children did arrive but at 18:45. They had driven from Rethymno so are excused on grounds of distance. Arriving at Dog Walking Time is inconvenient, especially so when you don’t have a tent as expected. Unfortunately, the tent erected for the no-show is too small for two adults and three children. Fortunately, I was able to find them a tent which had been put away almost intact and accessible. Together we got it up, as the actress…, but they were generally ill-equipped for camping. No torches either. So I lent them some of mine and a lamp I plugged into the mains.

The remainder of my day was fairly tranquil although I spent a good portion of it in the reception playing with my routers and sorting out the network.

It was warm and sunny with a high of 25.3C. The recent sunny conditions allowed me to go on the evening walk with just shorts and a T-shirt. Dressed as I was this morning but then I was running.

Yannis Petrakis has mislaid his bicycle. He is quite a keen cyclist, so I should imagine he has a nice bicycle. We were searching through the footage of the supermarket CCTV to find where it might have gone. He thought he’d last ridden it on Tuesday but the CCTV proved that he’d taken his father’s scooter to go home then. He said he’d work it out and send me a photo if, in fact, it has been stolen. Generally, everything can be left out unlocked. The supermarket leaves stacks of charcoal, potting compost and other items out all night and on Sundays when they are closed. People here are generally honest.

This evening’s meal is potatoes, courgettes, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and steamed onion. The large black olives are particularly nice.

The forecast for tomorrow is sunny but windy so might not be entirely what our new customers are hoping for. Their tent is fine for normal conditions but might prove interesting in strong wind.

The British couple with the motorhome left this morning to continue their tour of the island. He told me that he was in the military but retired at 55 with his pension. Apparently, he was asked to stay on for two years but as that involved living away from home, no enhanced pay or pension, he thought he’d give it a miss. Can’t say I blame him.




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