Very windy!

I was up around 03:30 to close the awning tent as I’d left the door open and the wind was quite strong. The fastest gust of the day was over 80km/h Bft 9. I didn’t rush to get up and went down to see how the two women with the three children were getting on. One of the women woke up so I told her that the wind was strengthening and that I would leave the door of T3 unlocked if they were no longer able to stay in the tent.

I walked the dogs and ran but it was not easy against such a strong wind.

Back at the camping, I could see the large white Volvo had gone and that the tent had collapsed due to the wind. My awning tent had also taken a battering so I amused myself replacing the elastic things which hold it down. I then went to rescue the hire tent and drag everything up to the storeroom.

I didn’t much fancy cycling so had a cup of tea instead. Soon it was time for my weekly call which was interrupted by the sounds of flapping tent and strong wind.

In the afternoon, I wanted to close my Move Ring so decided to head in the direction of Paleochora to see what the wind was like. It was less strong by now and also predominantly from the north. I made it to Petrakis and popped in to pick up some peanut butter.

After a chat with Ursula, I had time to vacuum the awning tent and van before the evening walk which was slightly earlier than usual. Still quite windy with a chill in the air.

The remainder of the day was spent doing dog chores and I wasn’t sad to get inside out of the wind and cold!



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