A bit more like it!

It was a little busy this morning with the typical Monday morning rush. Mostly to do with Inter Sport and the ever-disconnecting S Drive.

I’d been to Paleochora to the dentist to see what time they opened today. Not for myself but for one of the customers suffering from a tooth infection. Then to the electrical shop to buy an external box and a meter to measure the electricity from Peter’s motorhome which he plans to keep here. He has come to the camping on several occasions, one of which was yesterday. He told me of the difficulties he’d encountered bringing his boat on the ferry. A veritable nightmare. I then went to Manolis to ask him to bring gas for the central kitchen. After that a quick nip to Petrakis for some bananas and onions. An unlikely combination.

Yannis told me about how he’d found his missing bike which had been ‘borrowed’ by some illegal immigrant who was camping out in some kind of shanty in Kountoura. The bike was fine and he was pleased to get it back. The immigrant and his friends are being booted back to Athens and probably deported.

I ate my breakfast somewhat late so it was interrupted by Manolis delivering the gas. My fault for eating so late.

The ladies who arrived last night turned out to be from Sweden. One, at least, has Greek parents and plans to study for a Masters at Portsmouth by remote control. They seem a nice couple aged late-twenties and not looking forward to being thirties.

The day trundled by and I busied myself dealing with the washing I’d shoved in the machine before walking the dogs this morning. More clean sheets tonight. It’s the ‘Summer Bed’ perhaps.

Georgia called to see how much FTP cable she should buy. Either 50m or 96m so I went for the 96m to be on the safe side.

Mikhalis has all but finished T2 and has now started T1

T3 completed except to stain the decking

The girls lay in the sun and the German family played with a kite on the beach to amuse their little girl. At which point I took the dogs for their evening walk. A little blowy this evening so felt chilly despite the evening sun. I’m wearing light shorts but could really have done with a pair of the heavier ones.

The weather is looking up and it seems as though the remainder of the week will be fine and warm.

Georgia is coming to the camping tomorrow as the tree surgeons will be pruning the trees. Plenty of musical chainsaws to punctuate the calm. If Luis continues to make that racket outside, I’ll punctuate his calm too.

This evening’s repast is a repeat of yesterday’s grains and fava with some onions and peas to bulk it out. There would have been mushrooms but I forgot to buy any.

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