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Another load of washing went into the machine at around 05:45 and was ready when I came back from walking the dogs. It was still as we walked out and there were even some stars. No sign of the moon as it’s much too early in the month. We walked and I ran, with Fido and Oskar taking it in turns to race past me chasing each other.
I left Charlie on the beach and closed the gate as he’d been slow at coming back at the end of the walk. He later appeared on the other side of the field gate. He’d probably found a way in via Cedar Bay Villas as they do not fence the entire site.
I needed to push on with the CCTV cameras so adjourned to the reception office with laptops and a monitor to connect to the CCTV recorder. These recorders are quite cheap but the software’s a bit flakey making them quite demanding to work with. Nothing quite works as it should. They fit in perfectly here!
Georgia and Dimitris arrived just as a large truck with a crane on the back of it came into the camping. The plan was to lift up the IsoBox, a kind of PortaCabin, and relocate it. At the same time, relocate the caravan, which has been parked up by Sascha’s, caravan down to the back of T2.
I kept well clear as I felt I could add nothing to the proceedings and there were already more than enough people shouting and waving their arms about. I felt very sorry for the driver of the truck as he tried to struggle past all the trees which have been allowed to grow out of hand. Georgia has a thing about cutting back the trees so they get out of hand like a group of unruly children.
I made some progress with the CCTV recorder as well as the WiFi network. It is now possible for Georgia to view the internal cameras from her phone. Not that there are many cameras for her to view at this point in time. I’ll bung a couple more up tomorrow maybe which will keep her happy.
Martina, one of the Swedish girls, came to tell me of a running toilet in the ladies so I went with her to investigate. Naturally, as soon as I arrived, the problem had magically resolved itself.
Vanessa, the other girl, is working on her thesis so Martina offered her services as a dog-walker. Being a doggy person, they went with her without problem and there was no barking or carrying-on.
I got back to discover that T3 had been let out and there were a number of missed calls on my phone. It transpired the couple had arrived in the camping, just after I left to walk the dogs, wanting to rent one of the Small Cabins. Unfortunately, only No 2 is ready as the furniture from No 5 has been put in No 6 whilst the floor is being sealed. I have a spare key to the static vans and No 2 so as not to have to walk to the office if someone comes to the camping. Unfortunately, I also had the other key as I’d shown No 2 to a woman this morning and I’d taken the key from the office and not put it back. Naughty, naughty! Chris was the Bad Boy for having all the keys about his person and for not taking his phone out to walk the dogs!
The German couple were delighted to be offered T3 but, having spoken to them, I understand no one has managed to actually give them a price! They plan to leave between 09:00 – 09:30 and Dimitris will be seeing them off. This is not Georgia’s habitual rising time so good luck with that. I will potter by at 08:30 to see that things are happening although it’s possible Georgia may rise early as the tree surgeons are certainly coming tomorrow.
As one would expect, no one has cleared away the tree branches cut down as the truck struggled through the site with the IsoBox on its back. Unfortunately too, the lamps which light the path through the camping also do not seem to be working tonight. Perhaps this is a coincidence.
Anyhow, another day at the Mad House has ended. I’d better eat something and go to bed as it’s nearly 11pm!


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