Hottest day of the year by far

The top temperature today is 33.3 recorded at 15:27. It has certainly been warm as I’ve clambered over the flat roof of the reception building installing a cable for the new camera which looks towards the entrance of the camping.

I was woken up early by a barking dog so decided to get up anyway. Despite running the usual amount, we were back in the camping by 07:30 whereupon I put on the hot water for a shower before doing a few odd jobs about the camping. There was a pile of wood in front of the van where the German couple were staying so I wandered down to collect it up so at least they could see it looking sensible before they left.

My wanderings took me to the young German family who had visited Elafonissi the day before. And then the gardeners arrived. They were billed as tree surgeons but came to do pretty much everything. The camping now looks as though a bomb has gone off some Xanthippos will have his work cut out tidying it all up for the next couple of days.

I’m told the camping officially opens for the summer season on May 1st. This includes restaurant and bar. There is a lot of work to do if this is going to happen.

I went for a shower and had some breakfast. I wanted to get three cameras out of the way so needed to get on. I decided to use the office to set them all up as well as the NVR (Network Video Recorder). The NVR records what the cameras see so that it can be reviewed as necessary.

After all my hard work, there is now an additional camera in the bar looking over the bar, the fridges and the entrance to the beach. Another camera, the one from last year, repositioned outside, can be turned to show the customers in the restaurant. In the winter, it looks along the bottom of the camping. The additional bar camera required a little cabling, however, the one for the reception needed a hole in the wall and a cable running over the roof. This involved ladders and clambering about. Considering how hot it was I didn’t find it too bad.

The cameras were working by 19:15 whereupon I went straight out with the dogs. Returning to find a Romanian couple which had been intercepted by Georgia and Dimitris. I went to see them anyway as I needed to capture Πέντε who was lurking in the shadows.

The plan tomorrow is to go to Paleochora to get some food then put up another camera on the roof of the storeroom looking north. I will take the opportunity to take down my access point which I shall relocate on the fence. This will hopefully give me stronger signal as there will be no tree in the way. The access point will also cover the caravan and the Georgia caravan which she’s threatening to put there. I will put another access point on the corner of the building when the next batch arrives. We are going to be using more access points than I’d intended but then the coverage will be a lot better than it has ever been.

This website went offline last night due to a fault so I had the tech support guys at Pointer in Athens restore it from backup. They were very helpful and efficient.

I’m quite tired and I think my food is ready so I’m going to eat it!


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