Productive day

After yesterday’s activity, I wasn’t much up for something similar. Running seemed harder than usual and the 5km seemed to go on forever!

I did a few things before going for a morning shower. I took down my WiFi access point from the corner of the storeroom as it seemed to be benefitting others more than me. It has now been repositioned on the fence, opposite the van and the awning tent. Instead of a mediocre signal or perhaps none at all, I get full house as they used to say in the days of CB radio.

I went to Paleochora having taken money from the Romanian couple who decided to move on despite my best efforts to give them walking ideas. They were camped right up close to Georgia’s fence and there was some barking in the night, so perhaps that was to do with it. They waved eagerly as we crossed paths on my way back from Paleochora.

There I bought some cable ties and a long drill from the hardware shop and a couple of multi-way electricity sockets for the various networking projects. Then to Petrakis to get some food and some huge, black olives which I’m eating whilst waiting for my food to cook.

Manolis, the husband of Sigi, who, with family came to the camping at Easter, was watering the plants outside his shop. We had a chat about hosting his websites and making some new ones. A job for the winter as there’s too much going on now.

It was too hot to be working on the roof or in my compound, so I left the dogs for the second day running, to go and play with my boxes down by the bar where it’s shady.

When the bar control junction box was put in, it was done in a rush when it was very hot and windy. It was one of those jobs which I said I’d do in the winter but didn’t quite get around to. I took everything out and put most of it and more back in again.

It might still look like a shambles to you but it’s a huge improvement on what was there before. Especially considering how much equipment is in the box!

After the box, I continued with my WiFi access point repositioning.

By now it was walk time so I went out as usual where we met an older German couple taking photos in the lagoon area. Most of the dogs were well behaved after some initial barking. All except Oskar who was keen to show off how loudly he could bark. The couple were quite chilled and took it in turns to throw Boris’ ball. Eventually, Oskar settled down. We chatted, the sun went over the horizon, so we parted.

Back at the camping I fed the dogs and captured Πέντε whilst chatting to the three German girls who decided to stay another night. They met on their year out and decided to go on this trip together. Today they visited the Anydri Gorge.

Lots done today so it’s been productive.

Grub is now up!

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