Less activity day

Following a couple of days scrambling about with network cables and cameras, I felt it was time for a bit of a rest. Added to that, Xanthippos took the ladder to paint the kitchen. How far he got with it I have no idea. No ladder, no climbing on roofs etc.

The morning and evening were pretty much the same as far as the sea was concerned. It was calm this morning and is still calm this evening. Hardly a breath of wind and only some very gentle waves. The mosquitoes are naturally quite delighted as they are now out in full force given the exceptionally warm weather for the time of year.

The three young German women left this morning and were sitting outside eating when I captured Πέντε yesterday evening. They are doubtless continuing their trek around the island. The Swedish couple are enjoying the weather talking to friends and relatives in cold, rainy Stockholm. One of them is still plugging away at her thesis so is looking forward to seeing the back of that.

The landscapers returned for their third and final day. The camping looks pretty sensible now but there is still scope for tidying and raking. Xanthippos has been put on floor stripping and varnishing as well as kitchen painting. It looks as though the kitchen upgrades are likely to be pretty minor this time around.

Still, no sign of Maria although there have been a number of comments concerning her continued absence. When I spoke to her earlier in the week she assured me she’d be ‘there’” before the end of the week”. Like her counterpart, Maria is prone to over-promising and under-delivering.

Another German couple with a six-month-old son arrived today saying they would be staying several days. I have a feeling they will be less sociable than the couple who left yesterday. They took the trouble to seek me out to say goodbye. I was playing with my control box at the time of their departure.

The top temperature for today is 28.1C. Quite cool compared to recent days with temperatures over 30C. Somewhat warm for April.

An older German couple on bicycles arrived mid-afternoon requesting to see the room advertised on Booking.com. T3 is the only accommodation with toilet and shower as the other two are yet to be finished. They were unimpressed, so got on their bikes and left for Paleochora.

I decided to remain in reception with my laptop guaranteeing no more customer arrivals. A watched pot and all that.

Today I have arranged to go to see Gilly and Jeremy on the Saturday of my visit. We shall be having brunch.

This evening’s meal is the last of the potatoes plus courgettes and spinach purchased today at Petrakis. There could also be some frozen peas if I feel motivated to chuck some in. I suspect that will be enough anyway. I’m happy just to munch down that lot without any additions. I used to think potatoes very boring but not anymore.

Better see how it’s all progressing…


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