In Transit

Ursula and Tony arrived at their house in France yesterday evening despite rough seas and abysmal weather. Rain was very much evident making driving hazardous. They will continue their journey to Italy to catch the ferry to Patras. Ursula is not keen on driving long distances so she has planned a series of étapes: both Tony and Heidi don’t do long spells in the car very well. Tomorrow they depart for Clermont Ferrand. Now, how many times have I been that way on my various trips to La Taillade?

The sound of rain pattering on the van roof prompted me to leave my bed at 04:50 to bring in my shoes and my bike. I used the opportunity to pop to the loo as I feared the rain might persist. As it happened, it was just a shower so we were able to go out at around the usual time.

Eleanor celebrates her 42nd birthday for the 19th time today and will be out with Sophie and Snail for a wild time, knowing them. She was unimpressed when I mentioned it was 27C here.

Tomorrow is Labour Day so a National Holiday in Greece. Some of Georgia’s cronies have come to the camping for the celebrations as I have been hearing them arrive this afternoon.

I went to Paleochora this morning only for the purpose of going there as I had no need to purchase anything. I might have gone to see the PAWS puppies as it’s a little while since I visited them. It was so mild this morning that I cycled there and back clad only in shorts and a polo shirt!

With Maria back in the office, I’m able to devote myself to getting on with other things. The replacement screen for the iPad 3 arrived last week but I was too busy to spare time to fix it. So today, with my trusty desoldering station, I heated up the screen to unglue it from the aluminium chassis. The glass was shattered making it quite interesting to remove. I then cleaned off all the residual adhesive and bent the chassis back to shape as best I could in order to fit the replacement screen. I got the whole thing together to find the digitizer was not connected properly so quickly took it apart before the new glue set forever. The iPad had suffered a number of traumas in its lifetime so will never be quite as it left the shop! It’s worth salvaging as it’s perfectly fine for browsing the Internet and light work.

It has been warm and sunny today with a high of 28.6C. Hopefully, the weather will remain fine for the holiday and the remainder of the week. The forecast is 26C for the next few days. Often, the actual temperature is a couple of degrees higher than forecast.

This evening’s repast is something from the freezer involving rice. I didn’t manage to get the frozen object out of the fridge as early as I would have liked so suspect it may require a little more thawing.

Wandering through the camping, I can see it is quite busy for the holiday. T1-T3 are occupied as is the caravan recently placed behind T2. They have nowhere to sit but a good view over the adjacent field and CBV. The walk was a little unsatisfactory as a couple decided on a sunset walk to the end of the Promontory just as we arrived.

The dogs are walked, fed and in bed so I’m just waiting for my rice to cook.



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