Another camera up!

Being proactive this morning, I got on with putting up the camera on top of the workshop roof. The morning is cooler so a good time to be on the flat roof. I managed to get the camera positioned and connected before departing for Paleochora and Petrakis where I bought a cauliflower. I’ve not had any cauliflower in a while and it’s cheaper than broccoli.

My morning run seemed to pass quite quickly for a change and I managed to do it in four minutes less than yesterday. I was rather overdressed for the occasion having put on a fleece at departure.

I spent a little time in reception as Maria wanted to use the old MacBook since the office computer is so slow. I set her up with a login and pointed her in the right direction.

A customer with a fairly large motorhome arrived and Maria was trying to find him a place. As ever, there was the usual amount of excessive deliberation including a phone call to Georgia confirming that it would be ok for him to have a place on the beach front. Maria disappeared so I put him up by the kitchen on the level ground. As he said he’d only be staying for one night.

It transpired that he lives in Devon and works at a caravan park. We got talking about dogs for some reason and he asked to come to see them. They were reasonably quiet once Oskar had welcomed him with a load of barking. Eventually, he settled down.

The afternoon sort of disappeared and then it was time for the evening walk. I waited until later as there are still more people about later. It was a good walk and the dogs were particularly active. Even Boris. They chased each other about and went swimming in the lagoon or in the sea.

Back at Grammeno, an Austrian woman was locking the door to her small cabin was we passed. We had a conversation about the dogs and what life was like all year at the camping.

I was about to make some food, having captured Πέντε and Obi, who failed to return at the end of the walk, when my phone rang to announce the arrival of a German couple at reception. Maria was not there so I went up to deal with them. They’d been told in Paleochora that it would be only a 20-minute walk to Grammeno! It takes fifteen to cycle.

I put them on the beachfront and turned on the heater so they could have a hot shower.

I will eventually get to eat my cauliflower…



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