Friday, is it?

What a pain in the bum! Literally, that is! I’ve been putting in some more cables on the reception building and all the way down as far as the washing machine room. I have not installed the cable that far but measured it so that I can then cut it to route it sensibly around the electric cables and trees.

Coming down the ladder, whilst putting up a little plastic bracket to hold a WiFi transmitter, I forgot the metal post upon which the entrance barrier rests when closed, so ended up bumping into it with my right buttock as I arrived at ground level! The padlock used to keep the barrier down broke due to the force of my arrival and I hopped about for a few moments saying bother. Fortunately, that part of ones anatomy has plenty of padding so, apart from a whacking bruise tomorrow and some stiffness, I shall probably survive. Luckily this occurred near the end of my cabling session.

I have installed two additional cables for the WiFi access points which I’m going to put at reception. One on each side of the building to serve the rooms within the building, the caravans adjacent to the east, as well as any visiting motorhomes further down the entrance way. There will be another access point on the central bathroom which will serve the two new wooden cabins, due to be installed early next week, as well as visiting motorhomes in the bays opposite the bathrooms. This network of access points should cover around 90% of the camping and provide good WiFi service to the customers.

The plan tomorrow, after my weekly conversation, is to finish up installing the cable between the reception and the washing machine room. I can then extend the wired network to Georgia’s house and install an access point there once Ursula and Tony arrive on Tuesday. There is also a camera to install outside Georgia’s house and a cable run to the lamp pole where there is an access point serving the front of the beach section and a little of the beach itself. This location has a lot of trees which unfortunately soak up the signal, especially when it rains!

Other activities today included the usual morning run and a cycle into Paleochora to visit Petrakis for a leek, a couple of courgettes and some tea bags just to pad out the bill.

It has not been very warm today which is why I chose to be running around on the roof. It has also been quite windy since first thing this morning. Wind gust was up to 47km/h and the top temperature 25.7C. The wind looks set to be with us for a couple of days giving me the opportunity to finish off all the cabling whilst it’s not too hot. The stormy weather forecast for Sunday and Monday is now just for Monday.

My courgettes, leek and cauliflower should be steamed by now and the lentils well on the way. Time for something to eat.


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