Chilly or what!

My slumbers were interrupted by barking dogs in response to gunfire. Nothing sinister, only wedding exuberance. If ever this island were to be attacked by pirates or foreign invaders, I don’t stand much for their chances judging by the amount of ammunition spent during the past 24 hours. Sporadic shooting continues and will likely continue into the night once more. I understand from Chris, a guy in a huge motorhome parked on Grammeno Beach, the two ladies in CBV were more than a little concerned at the sound of gunfire. He mentioned that they are only firing blanks to which I commented that it was live ammunition.

Earlier I ran into Garry, the Star Man who came to Grammeno last year. He’s back this year to take more pictures of the night skies and other phenomena. He showed me some pictures and they were really stunning. Unfortunately, the pictures he took last year were on storage which became corrupted whilst he was half-way through processing them. He lost the will to start over…

From a blustery start, the day became progressively windier although it has calmed down considerably now the sun has set. The strong westerly wind is decidedly cold, so much so, that I have resorted to thicker shorts and a coat for the evening walk. I had to come down from the roof and put on a fleece as it was too cold up there without one. Very un May-like. The cooler temperatures continue for the next couple of days followed by rain on Monday and showers tomorrow afternoon.

The guys erecting the new cabins have been hard at it all day. I noticed they’d cornered the Grammeno ladder which I claimed back to enable me to carry on with my cabling. They needed it back again briefly at the end of the day so I was distracted from continuing with my back-link to the office. At least the wire which carries the cable is present with the cable and also some irrigation pipe to protect the cable from tree damage. I’m going to get into that tree when no one’s around and have some of the branches out. I shall add it to my list of trees to watch and prune occasionally.

The plan tomorrow is to get the cable as far as Georgia’s house, put in the access point and run a cable to her TV. If there’s time, I’ll run a cable to the lamp pole too. I’ll probably rob that to provide the access point for Georgia’s house.

It’s nearly 22:00 and my latest batch of vegetables and lentils are now ready for consumption. I shall take in some West Wing whilst I munch my food.



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