Little progress

I’d planned great accomplishments for today. To run the cable from the central bathrooms to Georgia’s house and then beyond. As it is, I have managed to get the back-link to the office operational and I’ve tidied up the catenary between the central bathroom and the next block. I have also repositioned the workshop camera as Georgia said it wasn’t pointing in the desired direction. I’m not quite sure what she expected to see from that location but I thought I’d humour her anyway. She’ll forget about it in a little while anyway.

I set up her phone so that she can ogle the cameras from home so all I have remaining is to set up the network and the recorder in her house and we’re pretty much done. She doesn’t care about the WiFi network so long as it functions.

I was cool again this morning and still rather blustery. Despite this, I ran the last couple of laps shirtless. The Bulgarian salt collector was around as I discovered when Pea and Oskar when racing off to ‘greet’ him. Now, he seems unphased by the barking and tells me not to worry about preventing them. We left together and walked back to the car park, him carrying 7kg of salt he’d collected. The dogs simply walked along silently.

The afternoon was taken up as described and quickly turned into the evening and time for a walk. We wandered as usual and bumped into a couple on the beach. A little barking from Oscar ensued but it was at the end of the walk so he soon abandoned his post.

I’d started cooking spinach and rice before we left and was surprised at how much water had been soaked up whilst we were out. Any longer and things might have been different. I must put in more water in future. The spinach is in now so it will soon be ready to eat.

Following a couple of days absence, I discovered Πέντε sitting near the gate looking this way. With Georgia gone, she resorted to her fallback position. Georgia complained that she’d been barking in the night. I didn’t bother to bring her in yesterday because she was being elusive. Georgia will appreciate it more now having experienced a little barking again.

The new, larger cabins are progressing. The second one is up and both are watertight. They are looking good although Georgia was complaining that she felt the floors were a bit springy.


Georgia’s dogs are barking for some reason. I might have to venture out if they don’t stop.



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