VE Day – 8 May 1945 – Happy 73rd anniversary!

Today is the 73rd anniversary of VE Day. Just in case you might not have remembered.

The day started early with Oskar reminding me of his presence at 02:55. I suspect his outburst may have been due to some rodents which I suspect are now residing in the storeroom. Oskar is generally afraid of everything and that includes things that go bump in the night.

The sand was damp from yesterday’s rain which made running much easier. I was able to complete my goal in good time. No threat of any rain today or any wind either.

I went to Paleochora rather late as I got involved in putting my kitchen sink back into position. Yesterday, I amused myself by removing the sink to realign the waste. The waste needed to be glued back together and the glue needed a little time to completely cure so I left it overnight. I put the sink back in its location with the lid closed in case I forgot and chucked down a load of water.

The sink now drains better and the drawer beneath is no longer hindered by the waste pipe which prevented the drawer from closing correctly. The drawer therefor remained open for most of the time meaning that the contents got rather dirty and one risked running into the drawer. Working near the sink was also inconvenient due to the drawer being always open.

Gary, the Star Man, has just been to see me as he leaves for his trip to Gavdos tomorrow morning. Gavdos is a good place for nighttime photography as there is little or no light pollution. He plans to return here before returning to Grammeno before his flight home. This takes place whilst I’m away so I said I’d see him briefly in the morning.

He has sent me a link to his photos which are mostly quite stunning.

The network cable from the central bathroom now goes into Georgia’s house. I was serenaded by her dogs which Maria kindly barricaded under her van so that I could work unencumbered. I need Georgia to be present in order to determine the precise location of all of the equipment.

Ursula, Tony and Heidi are aboard the ferry from Piraeus bound for Souda Bay. They should arrive early tomorrow morning and doubtless make their way to Grammeno to take up residence in Ξ3 which is the small cabin near to T3, the largest of the chalet vans. Last year they should have occupied Ξ3 but it was not finished in time so they took Ξ2 instead both in the Spring and the Autumn. Ξ3 will be a new discovery for them.

There are some potatoes and carrots on the hob and some tomatoes and cucumber in the fridge. I should get these together and have something to eat.


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