My Name Day – Χριστοφορος (ΧΡΙΣΤΟΦΟΡΟΣ)

Today is my Name Day so Tony, Ursula and I have just returned from a wild outing to Houmas restaurant which is just up the road from the camping. Houmas has sort of become the traditional first meal location for when Tony and Ursula arrive in Paleochora. Naturally, Heidi joined us too but she spent her time under the table.

I’d not long returned from the morning walk when I received a text saying they’d stopped in Paleochora for a coffee. Soon after, they arrived in the camping.

Ursula unloaded the roof box which contained a load of things kindly transported from UK. Including a large fleecy blanket bought in the sale. What more could one ask for?

I brought down some of the items left in store from the previous visit then disappeared to Paleochora following a shower. Maria asked me to get a replacement mobile as the campings little Nokia stopped working.

So off I went to Paleochora wearing my nice new running shirt and shorts, part of the consignment of shorts and shirts kindly added by Ursula during a recent Decathlon visit. She must have known I wouldn’t be specific when she asked what I wanted.

I went to the 1€ shop and picked up a replacement for 25€ as well as some bits for myself.

Back at the camping, I did a couple of support calls, had some breakfast and got on with a bit more IT work for Georgia’s residence. I can now report that Georgia now has wired and wireless networking. Also the reception has two new access points. The other two and the cable from the washing machine to the kitchen may have to wait.

The other dogs were pleased to see Heidi for the evening walk so that was pretty uneventful.

I’m falling asleep whilst trying to write this in bed.


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