Speedy shorts

My running shorts and shirt received their first outing today and proved to be very fast. I had to put in virtually no effort to run the 5km this morning. The shorts and shirt did all the work.

Ursula took Fido, Oskar and Pea with Heidi, out through the camping whilst I went across the field with the others minus Boris. It seemed strange to be out walking with so few dogs. We caught Ursula up about one-third way down the Promontory and released all those which were to be released.

When it came to running, Ursula did a few circuits with Princess and Obi but finally abandoned them to their usual place. We all came back by about 07:30 and had a cup of tea.

I then showered and went into Paleochora before joining Ursula and Tony for breakfast. Georgia royally visited us to officially welcome them to the camping. She usually emerges around 11:00 as she is not a morning person.

I went on a tour of the camping to ascertain the signal levels for the WiFi. It seems the coverage is fairly good in most parts although I’m not sure about the insides of the buildings as I couldn’t be bothered to get all the keys.

A German couple with their van on the beachfront was very chatty and provided some very useful feedback. Whether I could encourage Georgia to adopt any of their recommendations is another matter. Some of them require tree pruning which she’s not really up for. A worthwhile exercise anyway.

I retired to my awning for a very short time before Olivia came to tell me that Maria was out and an older couple had arrived with a motorhome. They wanted to be alone, have a southerly outlook for their satellite and be near the beach. I was not able to satisfy all of their requirements but they have taken the location occupied by Lau during the winter. There was some struggle to get their van into that location due to the trees. I left them to fiddle and went back to the office.

Later, a lone Dutch woman arrived in search of accommodation for a few days. She liked Ξ2 so I gave her the key.

I joined Tony and Ursula for tea, put up another WiFi access point on the storeroom then took the dogs for their evening walk.

Tony and Ursula have gone to The Third Eye for a meal. Their first of 2018.

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