Friday night – out on the town

Ursula and Tony have ventured to downtown Paleochora on Friday night! Very scary stuff. I’m not sure where they are going but I’m sure it will be fun!

We emptied a huge jar of sundried tomatoes into smaller jars this afternoon. We now have a lot of tomatoes to consume. We both like them so suspect they will soon be gone.

Ursula made a very nice apple cake which would not have won any prizes for looks but certainly tasted very good. It was a struggle getting it out of the non-stick baking tin so it looked like a train wreck. Otherwise, it was brilliant.

The sea was choppy today so Ursula was unenthusiastic about swimming. Consequently, there was a certain amount of alternative exercising to close our rings today. I didn’t cycle to Paleochora as I get talking with the German couple in the van near to me.

I have just been out into the camping to acquire Πέντε who was making a racket as a couple of customers returned to their van or tent. She might be small, but she can make a din which can set off the other dogs too. I felt it better to round her up so we all get a bit of peace. Obi is next to me on the bench and she is lying at my feet. At least now, hapless customers will not be waylaid as they venture to the toilets in the night.

I’ve done a few IT things today as I was getting a little behind with some jobs due to the amount of time spent on camping business. They are mostly small jobs which have been hanging around for a while. I’ve got to a point with the camping project that I can afford a couple of days concentrating on something else. Maria’s a big girl and there are others to help, so I don’t see why I should need to do reception duties.

The max temperature today is 28C precisely. It is still 20C at 21:24. It was quite windy in the afternoon or it would have felt a lot warmer. The awning tent was positively hot even though one end had an open window.

The evening walk was uneventful and enjoyable. We went across the field both ways and there was no one out on the promontory.

I’m going to have something to eat, watch the Box and then fall asleep!






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