A fairly lazy Saturday

Other than my run, and cycle into Paleochora and back, the day has been decidedly lazy! At 18:28 I have closed my Stand and Exercise Circles, the Exercise is usually closed around 07:00 anyway. The Move Ring is at 96% which leaves around 140KJoules remaining. That I should achieve even before arriving at the end of the Promontory.

Following my weekly Phone Home, I amused myself with the app which allows me to monitor the Wireless Network. I can see all of the Access Points and router as well as which AP each client (user) is currently attached to. It is possible to give a meaningful alias to each client as not everyone labels their device Joe’s laptop or Anne’s iPhone. Some are just a series of numbers which represent the device network ID. By seeing where people are, I can guess who has which device when it moves to a new location and that person is on their own. I can then label the device with a more meaningful name.

I could not understand why Georgia’s phone was constantly attached to ‘Storeroom (N)’ or ‘Central Kitchen’ and felt there must have been a problem with the software updating. Only when I wandered down to Ursula and Tony for a cup of tea did I discover that Georgia and a group of cronies were camped out in the area by the Central Kitchen. The location information I had been given was perfectly correct. I now see that Georgia has decamped to her Royal Residence so I expect the same devices will soon also appear attached to her local WiFi AP. It’s all cunning stuff!

Today’s top temperature is 28.6C which was around 12:30. It was quite hot under my awning so I undid one end almost completely. Returning from my orgy of apple cake and Tea with Tony and Ursula, I have now closed up in order to retain the heat under the awning and in the van. We will go off for the evening walk quite soon and the temperature will drop once the sun starts to near the western horizon.

Ursula has been busy doing things with beans this afternoon so the aroma of cooking passed by my nostrils as I was stuffing down my cake. She brought some interesting rice mixes from M&S so she plans to cook one of them up for supper tonight. We shall be dining in following the evening walk.

Another excitement was the string of lights which Ursula wishes to adorn the cabin with. They plug into the mains and even have a remote controller. With this it is possible to dim the lights or change the flashing sequence. They can also be programmed to come on for six hours.

The lights are now up with the solar panel on top of the shading over the cabin, thanks to the help of the Grammeno ladder.

The bean supper was very nice and was supported by salad and some vegan cheese and rusks.

I’m now in my bed falling asleep.

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