This time next week…

I’ll be at the airport waiting for my flight to depart. I reminded Antonis this morning of the impending departure. He assured me that he’d not forgotten however asked me to remind him again closer to the day.

After the morning walk, Ursula cut my hair and I had a play with one of my WiFi access points which wasn’t performing as expected.  I then cycled to Paleochora and went on a quick visit of Petrakis in order to get some (rather disappointing) bananas as well as some nuts. The journey back seemed easier than the outbound one.

We ate breakfast outside Tony and Ursula’s cabin. The sun was shining and I felt it was better to sit in the shade as there was little or no wind so quite warm in the sun. The wind situation changed as the day progressed and it was quite gusty by afternoon.

I retired to my tent to get some server updates done and noted the lack of space on one of the EG servers. I spent much of the remainder of the day exporting and importing Virtual Machines to try to get them to merge their disks and make some free space.

Tony and Ursula ventured to Anydri where they enjoyed a good lunch on the warm terrace.

A few vans and cars were parked on the stony beach and a number of children were playing on the beach as we passed by with the dogs. There was someone on the Promontory so we were not able to let all the dogs off the lead. It was sunny as we sat at the end of the Promontory to take in the view. The dogs played and Boris found a large rock.

Back at the camping, the dogs were fed and put to bed.

Another Sunday passes by.


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