Oskar keeps waking me up by barking at 01:00. This is the second night in a row that I have been woken up by him making a racket. I might leave my phone in with him tonight to try to work out what sets him off. The phone records only when there is a noise and it might give me a clue as to what triggers the event.

I finished off the server data compaction job this morning by updating Windows. There is much more space on the server disk now so it’s just a matter of keeping an eye on it.

Both Ursula and I went into Paleochora this morning. I went by bike for the sole purpose of buying bananas. She went to get a whole load of shopping. We met at the checkout but I was nearly half-way back by the time she caught me up.

We had breakfast whilst I amused myself trying to work out which phones attached to the WiFi network belong to which members of staff. The game consists of watching who is near which access point then comparing the new arrival to the existing devices attached to the particular access point. It is then possible to label the device so I can work out who is where. The application is on my phone and computer so I can see as people’s phones appear on the screen.

Ursula reports the arrival of vans carrying cans of drink. These were stashed in the storeroom which contains the cleaning products, the ice-making machine and the washing machine. It would appear that the bar is moving closer to opening. The initial date for opening the bar was 1 May however I’ve been here long enough to know that intention and reality are two separate things.

Mikhalis has sealed the recently sanded decking by the bar and restaurant once more, as well as the new decking outside T1 – T3. I think the colour has also changed for something somewhat darker than the original. My first comment was that the light colour would show every scrape and footprint.

I spent much of the day attending to IT support matters as well as preparations for my UK visit. Boring stuff like DVLA driving license disclosure code for the car hire. The code enables the hire company to access your license information via their computer so they can check to see if you have any outstanding convictions etc. Collecting the car at 01:30 I want the process to proceed as quickly as possible.

Ursula is currently in ‘cake mode’ and has today produced a very yummy (vegan) apricot cake to compliment the apple cake I finished off earlier today. It only goes to prove that it is perfectly possible to produce brilliant vegan cakes. She bakes the cakes in the air fryer in her recently-acquired non-stick tins.

Following tea and cake, we went for the evening walk on the Promontory. There was bulldozer activity on the stony beach as we returned from the morning walk. It would appear that Ammos Beach Bar is installing additional umbrellas and chairs on the stony beach as well as Grammeno Beach. This has the added benefit of backing ones horses both ways. It is rarely windy on both beaches and customers go for the least windy beach.

Both beaches have been levelled to accommodate the location of chairs and the sand has been piled into heaps on Grammeno Beach. Mr Ammos Beach Bar is really going for it this year and I hope it all works out for him.

I remember Georgia getting her fingers singed when she tried to monopolise the entire eastern end of Grammeno Beach and the stony beach. This coincided with the financial problems of 2015 when fewer tourists came to Crete.

Technically, this year should be a good year for visitors so long as everyone behaves and there are few shipping or large-scale strikes. Hopefully, people will remain in EU and not venture to unstable locations in North Africa or Turkey. Spending their time in sunny southern Mediterranean locations instead.




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