So still

As I was doing a few upper-body exercises to close off my rings, I noticed the cups on the anemometer were barely moving. I also noticed the mosquitoes which were biting the backs of my legs as I stood out on the decking. Still, warm air and mosquitoes go hand-in-hand although there didn’t seem to be any mosquitoes much this morning or when we were sitting down by the rocks in the lagoon. Boris lost his ball last night so Ursula was throwing a stone for him. Spoilt for choice there so it didn’t really matter which one he picked up. He was happy with his stone but still had enough energy to get back to the camping under his own steam. It was warmer this evening and Boris gets tired quickly under these conditions.

My media computer is performing a Windows update. I decided this evening to turn it on earlier than usual and looked up to see a message telling me that Windows needed to update. The message also advised that this update would take a little longer than usual. The progress indicator now tells me it has so far completed only 19% and that my computer will restart several times. I suspect that I’ll wind up watching YouTube videos on my MacBook as the Windows machine looks like it’s going to be on this update all evening.

Ursula continues her CakeFest by producing a variation on the Vegan Chocolate Cake. So far, we have enjoyed an Apple Cake (nothing to do with iPhones or MacBooks), an Apricot Cake (nothing to do with a former UK computer brand) and now the Chocolate Cake. I have a feeling she’s decided I need fattening up as she keeps offering me great slabs of cake at every opportunity. It’s somewhat difficult to resist a freshly baked cake!

It looks likely that I’ll be driving myself to the airport on Sunday, probably much to the relief of Antonis. Steffi, Sascha’s other half is coming to Grammeno for a couple of weeks, arriving on 23 May. I can, therefore, drive their car to the airport on Sunday evening, leave it in the car park for a couple of days whereupon Steffi can drive it back to Grammeno. Steffi will then collect me on 28 May saving Antonis another journey to Chania. I will then take Steffi to the airport when she finally leaves on June 6. Hopefully, Sascha has a duplicate set of keys at home or I will have to find a cunning location to hide the keys on the car so that Steffi can find them to drive it back to Grammeno.

Today’s top temperature is 28.2C which was enough to deter me from clambering onto the roof to do a little more cabling. Instead, I ended up having a long conversation with Matthew on the phone as we discussed how he plans to rent out his shepherds’ huts to provide some additional income. He’s persuading me to spend another night during my stay providing a photo opportunity for a rental website. He will make himself available to assist with the water filter installation as I will have no tools of my own.

I’m doing things with Potatoes and Tomatoes this evening and I think the potatoes have cooked. The media PC appears to have completed its update and Obi is dreaming next to me. I can see his paws twitching as he sleeps.

It’s already 22:15



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