Over 30C again

It has been a warm day with a high this morning and this afternoon of over 30C. Boris struggled on the evening walk although we had an enforced rest on the return leg of the journey due to the guy who owns the sheep fixing up his fences. We guessed he’d not be too keen to see a couple of people with nine dogs marching across the field he rents so we waited patiently for him to depart.

Work still continues at Ammos Beach bar. They now have chairs and umbrellas out on both the east and west beaches. Welding continues on the new building being erected at the back of the bar. Extra-Dog would have more upmarket accommodation if he were still around.

Grammeno has only a few chairs scattered about. Things will be more organised for the holiday weekend which is 25-27 May. Grammeno bar is looking like it’s nearly ready to go and there were even some customers cluttering up the place today. I think the choice of beverage is still limited however the ice cream delivery truck was present earlier. Another truck arrived just as the first was leaving. That was delivering all manner of snacks and horribleness.

I spent time today on a few fiddly IT tasks as well as ordering some more special food for Boris and various meds from Spain. Quite an expensive day on the doggy front. People always talk about how much they think it costs to feed them all, however, they appear to forget the cost of all the medication required to keep them fit and healthy. Especially when Koundoura is one of the worst places on the island for Leishmaniasis. A year’s supply of that medication is 300€ alone.

I’d considered the possibility of running the new backlink between the Central Kitchen and the washing machine storeroom as the sky was overcast as we went for the morning walk and I cycled to Paleochora. Things soon changed once the clouds cleared so any desire to scramble over roofs melted away.

Xanthippos came to tell me how unhappy he was that staff were loafing in the bar eating and chatting whilst he was left to get on with his work. I can see that he might find that a little frustrating. Georgia was not in the camping so, whilst the cat’s away…

Our delayed return from the evening walk kept Tony waiting for his supper which may be in a new restaurant which Ursula and Tony have not visited previously. I believe Ursula intends creating something to do with mushrooms tomorrow and she has proposed that we eat at Anydri on Saturday.

At 21:36 it’s 28C in the van with the door still open. I don’t have the windows open though.

Time for some food methinks.


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