Out at Anydri

We’ve been dining out at Anydri. It was a lovely meal and extremely pleasant sitting outside under the huge olive tree. A number of cats roamed the restaurant in the hope of something to eat, tormenting Heidi who was tied to one of the supports of the gazebo. The food is always very well prepared at the restaurant, the service is good and staff are pleasant and polite. I took the liberty of checking out the software they are now using to place and control the orders. The server who takes the order uses an iPhone at the table. This transmits the customers’ orders directly to the kitchen where they are printed out. The drinks order will be ready and waiting when the server gets back to the bar. The computer terminal allows any extras to be added, keeps track of the bill and allows the supervisor to check on takings, stock levels and staff. Trends and summaries are provided so as to allow the kitchen to have sufficient stock on hand to meet demand. For example, on Sundays, mostly Greeks come to the restaurant. They like tzatziki and eat a lot of meat. They offer more meat choices on Sundays. The restaurant also has dishes which can be easily adapted to accommodate personal food requirements. Allergies and personal preferences on account of taste, choices or religion. The young guy who served us has been there before and is keen to embrace the new technology and adopt new ideas.

The first part of the day was pretty much standard for a Saturday.  A couple were out collecting wild plants on the Promontory this morning whilst I was running. The dogs soon discovered them so there was a certain amount of barking. This evening a couple were erecting a tent and inflating their air bed as we headed home at the end of the walk. We shall go another way in the morning as they might not appreciate an early morning visit.

Earlier, Tony and I tried to get a shower to find them occupied by Albanians washing their clothes. I sent a message to Maria as all the hot water was run out by the time I got into the shower.

This time tomorrow I shall be at the airport waiting for my flight. The plan is to leave Sascha’s car in the car park so that Steffi can drive it back on Wednesday when she arrives. She will pick me up on Monday and bring me back to Grammeno. I said I would drop her at the airport even though she will want to leave the camping at 02:30 on 8 June!

I’m not sure I’ll be late to bed tonight.



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