Sitting at Chania airport

My flight is delayed by about 30 minutes so I’m part of the happy gang waiting in departures. These seats are already becoming uncomfortable.

So far, the journey to the airport was gentle and easy. Driving myself and knowing of the delay, I had no need to hurry. The mountain road is windy but the traffic was very light.

Allowing 2 hours to the airport leaves plenty of time and an easy drive. The car drives well and is designed for off-road use so soaks up the bumps and potholes.

I parked in the airport car park directly opposite the arrivals exit. Steffi has only to walk across the road to find the car parked only a few metres away. The 18€ parking fee for three days is peanuts compared to Gatwick or Heathrow. You could pay that for a few hours!

After the morning walk/run/cycle, the day passed quite quickly. The cycle was to see the PAWS puppies today as I’d not been to see them in a while. It turned out that there were no puppies only the older dog which has been fostering all the puppies for several months. She was pleased to see me and came bounding up as I arrived. She even let me pet her which is unusual. She declined my offer of biscuits though.

We had breakfast under an overcast sky but you couldn’t complain it was cold. I went off to sort out my stuff and wash some shorts and T shirts. They dried quickly.

Later, I decided to take some recycling but was warned the bin was full. Undeterred, I compressed the contents of the bin and there was even more room when I left. I made a point of visiting Stellios at his bar to tell him what a good job. We are not great buddies as he is a little protective of the Promontory and beach. His mind is focussed on business and is not keen on people who walk dogs as they detract from his efforts. He should be careful as I understand more Greek than he thinks!

I washed all the bird poo off the car and gave it a quick going over. I didn’t want Steffi to have to deal with that on arrival. She will be picking me up next Monday so I’ve given her my flight details. I have stuck the car keys to the underside of the bodywork with a strong magnet and sent her pictures of the location. I also sent her a photo of where I parked it in relation to the arrivals exit.

I’m told there will be a key under a chicken when I arrive at Glebe Close but parking might be a problem. Not helped by the fact that Ed will be back shortly after me too. I don’t intend using the car for local trips so it can sit up the drive behind all the others.

Still over an hour before our delayed takeoff and Ursula has reported a racket from my compound. I suggested stern words and no prisoners to be taken.

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