Quite a long day

The plane finally left around 90 minutes late following a problem with the water. The captain announced that the ground crew had drained the water rather than replenish it meaning there would be no hot beverages nor water for the toilets. After another wait, the problems were finally fixed and water loaded. We left and headed for UK.

My seat companions turned out to be a couple I’d met when dining in Houmas restaurant a couple of years previously. They have a house near Voutras near Souda Bay and were returning to UK at the end of one of their regular visits.

The flight went without incident so we arrived at Gatwick around 90 minutes later than scheduled. Fortunately, the plane was directed to a stand near to the terminal building and the luggage appeared quickly on the belt. I’d decided to check in my ‘clothes’ bag as the flight was so full. As it turned out, it could easily have gone in the cabin locker but it arrived quickly.

The representative at Europcar was patiently awaiting my arrival so ready with all the paperwork. He handed me the plastic ‘key’ to my car and recommended I go to the collection point, press the unlock button to see which car flashed its lights and get in it.

I’d ordered a small three-door Corsa-type petrol car. I got an 18-plate five-door Renault diesel containing every gadget known to man. I found the important levers and switches before heading out onto the M23.

I was quite relieved to park up at Glebe Close and fall into my waiting bed after tripping over the cast iron chicken lurking in the hallway. Daylight was not far away, my sleep was limited so I got up and went for a run after chatting with Eleanor as she prepared to leave for work.

I ran to Kingston via the Swan returning over The Ridge and the road which crosses the A27 Lewes by-pass. After a shower, I walked into town for some shopping in Tesco and a visit to Greyfriars’ where I prepared breakfast from my purchases.

We spent time chatting and looking at Ursula’s Grammeno Days (Daze) shared album which I’d set up on Mo’s iPad. After lunch, I eventually got the train to Brighton to collect my new walking shoes from Millets together with a quick visit to the Apple Emporium nearby. The assistant who served me was a delightful girl whose mother lives in Thailand. We talked about life on Crete and the Grammeno Menagerie.

Back to Lewes for a quick visit to Waitrose however I was now beginning to flag due to the length of the day and the amount of walking. Some 26,616 steps covering 19.49km including a 6.42km run in just under 49 minutes. We discussed the fact that the Downs were incorrectly named as there seemed always to be much more Up!

I retired to bed after some food and a chat with Eleanor and Ed who was at the beginning of two rest days from work.


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