More awake

Monday was an interesting day having had only a couple of hours sleep on the plane. Certainly not a good day for decision making.

I was awake with the birds as it’s light by 05:00. The desire to leap out of bed escaped me so I spent time writing the previous day’s blog which I was sure I’d published but discovered unpublished when I came to write this.

Eleanor went off to work and Ed was still in bed so I went out for a run. This time I did the same circuit but backwards. No, not running backwards, as I was likely to have tripped over: the same route but up the hill to Juggs Road at the beginning rather than at the end. This direction, most of the climb is at the beginning and seems to go on forever rather than one steep climb up from Kingston Hollow. I’m unsure which I prefer.

The run took a little longer, as I paced myself better, but the difference was only a minute or so.

Back at Glebe Close I showered and made breakfast whereupon Ed appeared to have his. We chatted a while and I tried on my new walking shoes collected from Millets the day before. Hopefully they will last a little longer than the pair I purchased in November. They are comfortable but need to be run-in for a couple of days.

I walked into town to pick up some plumbing fittings from PTS to discover it was no longer there. Fortunately, there is another plumbing and heating store just around the corner opposite Screwfix. The assistant told me he worked for PTS so was happy to transfer over. He sorted out some fittings and I left to visit Screwfix for some tools before going to Greyfriars.

So as not to draw attention, I left the 2m of copper pipe outside the back door and went in through the front. I then picked up the pipe and went up to the flat. Any work has to be signed off in triplicate so it’s better to say nothing and go under the radar.

I made up the pipe connections by which time it was lunchtime so we had something to eat. After, I put it all together in anticipation of Matthew who came to drill the worktop for the tap and hang up the filters. Things were not straightforward due to incompatibility of the fittings supplied with the pre-filters and the alkaline water machine. Things always take time in these situations.

I went to Waitrose to buy some rice and spinach to make supper for Eleanor. Ed had gone to Southampton to see his girlfriend. Together, we concocted a nice mixture which we eventually got to eat around 8.30pm. We managed to clear some of the other items from the fridge to produce something quite edible. Ed can have some when he comes back tomorrow.

By 21:30 I was ready for bed so it was not long before I was asleep.


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