Water filter, Rodney and Andrea

Trotting around my temporary running circuit of 6.3km in sunny conditions was very pleasurable but a little slower than the previous day.

After breakfast I headed into town leaving Eleanor awaiting the arrival of the fence man in the morning and the men from Virgin in the afternoon. I was going back to Screwfix for more bits and to find a way to attach the pre-filter to the ioniser. The plumbing place couldn’t help me and I eventually bought some pipe in Chandlers.

Thence to Greyfriars to finish off and set up the ioniser.

Simon Lawrence had been chasing me so I went to sort out most of his little problems before returning to #5 to collect the car and head off to Haslemere to see Rodney and Andrea.

The journey seemed longer than I expected but I still managed to arrive much earlier than on my previous visit.

Andrea and the children showed my their hens, bantams and rabbits who live in the strip of woodland adjacent to their house.

Rodney arrived soon after so we were able to sit down to a very enjoyable meal followed by a chat. We enjoyed watching their nest-box camera on the 63″ TV which occupies an alcove high up in the wall. The tits were still busy feeding their young.

Rodney showed me the progress he’s made since my last visit and the family kitchen, dining and lounge area really are looking good.

I left around 22:30 for the return journey to #5 and a welcome bed.


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