Trip to Isfield

It was clockwise again this morning, going out via Stanley Turner and Kingston village. I must have passed four other runners who appeared quite keen. One was running with his dog and we crossed paths on Juggs Road on the Downs where the sheep roam free. He was using a lot of breath exhorting his dog not to be distracted by either me nor the sheep.

It was a bit of a mission as I wanted to get to Greyfriars by 09:30 to go with Mo to Waitrose. It took longer to walk there than I’d imagined so she’d already set off and was charging about with a trolley when I arrived. We completed the weekly shop with additional nuts and things from the healthy food section. I can see that reprogramming might take a little while. We encountered Brenda and Geoff Page as they were doing their weekly shop. Brenda is now 88 she told me although Geoff is in his early eighties.

Next stop was Boots to pick up a prescription followed by the post office to collect my Amazon order which had been there for a week. I petted the plant man’s dog as Mo went to Superdrug and then we returned to Greyfriars.

I walked back to pick up the car from Glebe Close and we set off for Cuilfail and then Isfield. Cuilfail certainly has been developed over the years however it was unrealistic to imagine those huge gardens would remain undivided. We agreed that it had been tastefully done and care had been taken with landscaping and architecture.

From Cuilfail we drove to Isfield but were a little early so continued on to look at the Lavender Line before passing through Little Horstead and the Uckfield southern roundabout and back to Isfield.

Matthew opened the gates to the site and we checked out one of the huts and the new bathroom huts. Dave arrived and we chatted for a while before moving on to the Laughing Fish for some lunch. After lunch, we returned Dave to the site and drove back to Greyfriars. Matthew had a show to attend in Laughton. My next visit was to Inter Sport to check out a computer with dodgy graphics.

Henry was at Greyfriars as Eleanor was in Sevenoaks helping Emily and Johannes pack up their flat, so I picked him up and we went back to #5.

Later, Henry and I went for a little walk and it was early to bed having watched Rogue One on DVD.


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