BrunchFast with Gilly and Jeremy

Early up and out running via Juggs Road to the top leaving an easy finish with just a little climb over the A27 and the South Coast Railway to Brighton.

We picked up at Greyfriars and set off for Albourne on the A23. Light traffic meant we arrived just after 10:00.

It was great seeing Gilly and Jeremy again and we enjoyed a lovely BrunchFast until 14:45! They’ve not changed one bit.

Their dog was a little overwhelmed by the number of people to begin with but soon discovered she could get her tummy rubbed by rolling over.

Eleanor was working the late shift so we dropped her at #5 on the way through to Greyfriars.

I went for a walk up Chapel Hill to the golf course and back down to Southerham bridge and thence to Greyfriars to take Mo to church. An old favourite which Boris and Dave did on many occasions.

With Mass over, we returned to Greyfriars where I picked up Henry before returning to Glebe Close.

We went for a wander around the block then into the house. I heated up the meal I’d bought in Cook and watched the first episode of Yes Prime Minister followed by Up. By this time it was 22:00 and Eleanor returned from work.

I retired to bed and fell quickly asleep. Gentle raindrops fell onto the Velux window although the forecast storm has yet to materialise.

The weather was an interesting mixture of hot sun with intermittent raindrops. The maximum temperature was as high as 27.8C with humidity around 96%.


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