The Journey back

I was up and out early running up to Juggs Road around 04:00. I could see without a torch although it was still dark. I think I did my best time today as it was cool and I had an incentive to get round and back quickly. The sheep were still asleep as I headed along the Ridge to Nan Kemp’s Corner. Down the hill to the village and then back to Glebe Close along the C7 to the Swan and down Winterborne Hollow.

A quick shower, say goodbye and off the drive by 05:00 in the direction of Gatwick. There was little traffic so I was able to leave the car in the EuropCar car park and put the key in the key-drop as there were no attendants on duty that early on a Bank Holiday.

I made my way fairly painlessly through security although I must remember to get a belt without a metal buckle. My trousers fall down when the belt passes through the X-ray machine! Into the departure lounge to await the gate number which appeared on schedule at 07:05. I was hoping for a long walk to the gate to assist the progress of my Rings. Through and onto the plane were we were told there would be a delay due to onward air traffic control In the end, we left about 40 minutes later but arrived only five minutes late due to a tailwind.

The flight was uneventful and uninteresting as it was cloudy so I saw little from my window seat. I think I prefer an aisle seat as it provides more opportunity to stand up and move around. My Stand Ring suffered grievously during the flight.

Steffi was waiting in the Arrival Hall at Souda Airport and drove me back to Grammeno where I joined Tony and Ursula for a nice cup of tea.

There was not a sound as I entered the compound as it was hot and windy so all the dogs were asleep in the sun.

We went out at 19:45 to discover the Pebbly Beach kantina is no more leaving just a pile of pebbles and a few odds and ends as evidence of its existence.

Ursula and I took the dogs to the end of the Promontory where they had a good wander before going back to the camping.

Later, we went to the Grammeno Camping restaurant for a meal.


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