Janne and Erica arrive

Πέντε ended up being captured in the end as she was inciting Georgia’s dogs into making a racket. At 23:00, I decided enough was enough so went out into the camping to acquire her. She’d been racing around earlier with another dog creating enough mayhem anyway.

Janne and Erica arrived from Sweden on a direct flight from Stockholm so had a much more enjoyable trip compared to their previous visit which was more akin to a tour of Europe. We spent a little while catching up and then I went to bed. I started to listen to a podcast on the Guardian website, however, I didn’t get far before falling asleep.

I awoke early so we were out on the Promontory well before it was light. I’d completed around five laps of my usual ten before the sun appeared over the mountain tops making running more enjoyable and easier. Only another three weeks before the process starts to reverse. Hardly believable that we’ve nearly reached the Summer Solstice already.

I went in on my bike to Paleochora first to the bakers to pick up a chocolate croissant for Tony, then to Petrakis to buy a couple of things I’d forgotten. The return journey was quicker thanks to a following wind.

We had breakfast and then I got on with a little admin and a few other odds and ends which had been left over since last week.

Princess had a day off but still requires a little work. There are pictures of the New Look Princess in the Grammeno Days shared folder.

Today’s high of 32.3C was quite hot for the time of the year and certainly warmer than one year ago when it was a mere 27.7C! At the end of this month, there has been only 17.5mm of rain which fell at the beginning of the month.

The evening walk was uneventful but enjoyable and we were able to let nearly everyone off the lead. Boris joined us this morning so it was good not to have to drag him back to the camping at the end. He is not very good when it’s warm and never has been.

It’s very dark outside as I look out of the awning tent door. I can hear Georgia’s dogs barking in the distance and wonder what it is that has set them off. It’s not Πέντε as she seems to be quiet this evening.

By mistake, I took out a different spinach and rice from the freezer this morning so I shall be eating it again this evening. They are never the same so I can live with it.



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