The Salt Man cometh

A 4×4 was attempting to bypass the most recent boulder blockade yesterday morning as we walked through the dark towards the Promontory. Kostas was driving his black 4×4 endeavouring to fid a way through. Today he managed to deliver a selection of black plastic pipe which he deposited in the usual space. I actually spoke to him as he climbed down from the rocks. As I was trying to run, the exchange was limited to ‘καλήμέρα’.

Luis had already greeted him with a torrent of barking. Luis, quite rightly, has a dislike of Kostas for historical reasons. On my next circuit, Kostas’ car had left. Maybe tomorrow he’ll put it all together and start pumping water into the rock hollows.

After the morning walk/run/tea I cycled to Petrakis to purchase fruit for breakfast which we enjoyed sitting outside Ξ3 as usual. Fortunately, the wind which has been blowing for recent days was absent.

Most of the remainder of the day was spent ploughing through Matthew’s wife’s latest visa application. The form is long and tedious although Nat had done her best to answer most questions. I found some omissions and made some additions. I was delighted when the online software logged me out when I was in the middle of writing a long piece about why Nat should remain in UK losing the lot.

As a non-UK national it must be very difficult to correctly complete the form.

The evening walk was fairly uneventful however there was someone lurking out there.

Ursula cooked two things today. An Apple cake which was very nice. She cooked supper for tonight which was also very scrummy.

It’s 23:45, I’m falling asleep so need to put my head on a pillow.


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