Works day out

The plan had always been for Steffi to come to eat at Anydri with Ursula, Tony and I. As a family, they tend to go to the same restaurants or eat at home. I’d suggested in the past that The Schoolhouse might make a nice change from some of the Paleochora restaurants. Steffi is on her own this visit so it seemed an ideal opportunity for her to try something different. Eating on your own in a restaurant is not terribly exciting so we thought it would be good to invite her to come with us.

I mentioned to Janne and Erica that we’d be going out around 16:00 to eat at Anydri and that I’d put Luis inside in one of the cages as he tends to be the one to wind up the others. The hope was that the dogs would behave nicely and not be a nuisance to them. As it turned out, Janne and Erica decided to go to Anydri too so we all went as a party of six. With that number of people, two cars were required so I went with Janne and Erica and Steffi went with Tony and Ursula. At the restaurant, we took one of the larger tables in the shade without a view of the gorge.

The meal was great fun and I think it was good for Steffi to meet Janne and Erica and for Tony to go out with someone other than just Ursula and me.

When we got back it was getting near time for the evening walk. Ursula arrived with Heidi to take out the dogs however Maria and Georgia were having a chat with Erica and Janne making it virtually impossible for us to sneak out via the Private Entrance. Added to that, the dogs didn’t seem to be that bothered so we decided to abandon the evening walk.

One of the purposes of the meeting was for Janne to ask Georgia if they could officially rent the remainder of the area surrounding their van. In the past, they have arrived for a holiday to discover piles of firewood, stacks of pallets and other stuff piled up opposite their van. Each time, they have tidied up the area only to find it has been used as a dumping ground the next visit. Now they have a caravan next to their van and Georgia had also planned to put a staff caravan opposite their caravan. Fortunately, I was able to explain to Georgia that the caravan would not fit into the available space so it was moved elsewhere.

With a high of 34.8C, today was certainly not cold! It was nearly 40C under the awning when I was making my weekly call. The trend seems to be that temperatures are above average this year.

The morning walk was a little more exciting than usual as someone was camped on the Promontory. As a precaution, some of the dogs were tied up however that did not stop Oskar and Fido from serenading the hapless camper. Despite the interruptions, I was able to complete my run and Ursula her walk and pilates.

There appears to be a wedding party nearby judging from the music wafting in the wind from the west. We may be treated to some nocturnal music and possibly some traditional gunfire.


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