Meeting with Georgia

Despite having one or two other things to do, I managed a meeting with Georgia. We met in the office where Maria was duty receptionist.

Our first discussion was about all the dogs. Not just mine but hers too. There is new legislation regarding dogs pertaining to keeping up to date with their injections and registration. The fact that this area becomes busy in the summer, it is particularly important for us to ensure that all the dogs are chipped and that all the various inoculations are up-to-date and officially certified. Normally, I do the injections myself and keep the little bottles in case one of the dogs needs its Pet Passport updated. It is then a case of taking the passport to the vet who kindly stamps it certifying that he carried out the work.

It is impractical for me to transport all the dogs to the vet so Georgia will arrange the vet to visit the camping to chip those dogs which don’t have one and provide or update the paperwork for the others. The four with passports need only to be updated, the others receive a document so I understand.

Our meeting also included a discussion about the new website and various other camping matters. I think Georgia was disappointed that I was not falling over myself with admiration for the new website. I was equally disappointed that the content of the website was so thin and the English so poor. If you have a native speaker at your disposal, why have Gringlish on your website?

This morning, whilst Ursula looked after the dogs and did her Pilates, I wandered off to perform a long-overdue clean up on the Promontory. I had been talking about dealing with it since the end of March however it didn’t quite happen due to one thing or another. In any event, I spent around 90 minutes redistributing all the poo on the Promontory to places where no one was hopefully going to find it. I’m sure not all of the poo was down to me however I have to accept responsibility for the majority.

I amused myself filling out Matthew’s wife’s immigration form as that needs to be completed by tomorrow.

Maria sneaked into the storeroom this morning to deliver a couple of items from the morning post. One is my new mosquito trap which lures the unwary insect using a light of a certain wavelength. The hapless creature is then drawn into a chamber by means of an inescapable vortex created by a fan. A simple enough process which involves no chemicals, smell or requirement to cremate the captive. It is running outside as I write and we’ll see how well it does in the van tonight. I expect to see the chamber brimming with insects in the morning.

Another hot day with a high of 33.4C



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